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What's a Self-Care Subscription Box?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Welcome to Rose-Minded, the mental health blog, and self-care destination. You're probably aware of the subscription box craze and all the makeup, fashion, pet, and other themed boxes popping up all over the web. But, have you heard of a self-care subscription box?

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In this post:

  • What is a self-care subscription box?

  • Who is MindWander?

  • What is included?

  • Why is MindWander different?

  • Is a self-care subscription box right for me?

  • Discount code


What is a Self-Care Subscription Box?

Why do people around the world subscribe to get makeup delivered to them on a monthly basis? Why do pet owners check their mail for new treats and toys every month in anticipation? A subscription box, as defined by Jameson Morris, is

"... a recurring, physical delivery of niche-oriented products packaged as an experience and designed to offer additional value on top of the actual retail products contained in a box."

self care subscription box

So, we have the basic definition of a subscription box and why they're popular. Subscription boxes are trendy because they send multiple niche items we might not have picked out ourselves, but still love to enjoy. We, as consumers, don't have to go out shopping for the perfect items because we can have someone else pick them out and send them directly to us.

Shopping is timeless and will always be around; people love finding unique items and the experience of shopping. But the recurring aspect of subscription boxes makes sure we never miss out on the items we really need or want, and always get something fresh and new in the mail; I don't know about you guys, but getting mail is always exciting for me!

Self-care is the deliberate act of managing/improving one's emotional, physical, or mental health. To maintain good mental health and avoid burnout, we should be practicing self-care as often as we can. When we take care of our emotions, body, and mind, our health flourishes, and our confidence spikes. We are more in tune with our needs, wants, emotions, and sensations.

A self-care subscription box combines both of the definitions mentioned; it is a recurring delivery of self-care products packaged as a unique, fun experience. If you struggle with finding the time or beneficial resources for self-care, keep on reading!

Who is MindWander?

If a self-care subscription box sounds like heaven in a delivered package to you, look no further. MindWander is a self-care subscription box brand that delivers monthly self-care products and resources. They are a cute company that wants to help the world practice better, science-backed self-care in an effective and accessible way.

MindWander offers great resources for promoting health, wellness, balance, and self-awareness. Aside from their subscription boxes, they have an online support community for customers using the resources from the boxes. Check out their Facebook group for more information on MindWander, their products, and their mental health resources.

What is Included?

Each self-care box comes with 4-5 carefully selected bath and body products, stationery, and other accessories that fit the monthly theme. A mini workbook full of practical skill-building exercises and activities is included with each box as well.

July's theme was 'Donut Worry' and had adorable matching products and resources. MindWander was kind enough to send me their July subscription box, so get ready for a sneak preview of the MindWander self-care subscription box I received this month!

Donut Worry- July 2019 Box

1. Mini Workbook

- One of the most important items in the box was the mini workbook created by MindWander's licensed psychologist. The workbook is 12 pages of helpful activities that are explained as you move throughout the book. I found this super helpful and informational; it's always good to know why you're being asked questions about 'worry spirals' and then have them explained in a clear, concise way. I'm a big advocate of workbooks, journaling, creative writing, and self-exploration for good mental health; I found this workbook by MindWander amazing and innovative- something that anyone looking to promote, or even manage, wellness would thoroughly enjoy and find beneficial!

2. Donut Worry Pens & Notepad

- These pens are made of 26% renewable plastic, which is pretty cool, and they're refillable so everyone can minimize their environmental impact. I thought their conscious effort to help the environment was impressive. The notepad is specially designed to help you with worrying thoughts, with prompts and boxes for you to fill in that give you a good grasp on what/why you're worrying. It's also the perfect size so you can take it with you anywhere.

3. Bath & Body Products

- The Relaxation Mist comes from the Herbal Oil Company's Natural Luxury collection and is organic, vegan, and hand-made. Calming essential oil fragrances help promote restful sleep. The bath bomb from Story Time Soap Shoppe was bright, colorful, and smells seriously delicious.

4. No Worry Journal Prompts

- These were one of my favorite parts of the subscription box! These cute little cards came with journal prompts on them that will, according to MindWander, "spark deeper reflection about what's keeping you stuck with worry and how you can increase relaxation." I've spoken about the many benefits of journaling for mental health, and offer journal guides full of journal prompts for people struggling with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. The prompt cards were a great addition to the self-care subscription box and I encourage everyone to journal for their mental and emotional well-being!

5. Fun Extras

- The little velvet pouch was the perfect size to fit the bath and body products, and had a deep red-colored tassel on the zipper. I had so much fun with the refrigerator magnet poetry set, the words were chosen for this month's theme and include words like, "mindful, strong, kind, enough, positive, release, morning, breathe," and so many more (a total of 104 words!).

Why is MindWander Different?

MindWander is unique from other subscription boxes because it's a science-backed collection of helpful resources to promote your well-being. What does this mean?

MindWander is carefully curated each month by a licensed clinical psychologist! Yes, you read that correctly, this self-care box was created by a psychologist with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods in mind. Along with their support group on Facebook, their website also claims you can contact their psychologist if you have any questions or concerns. Dr. Sarah, the psychologist creating the mini workbooks, provides her email on the first page of the workbook. How many subscription boxes do this?

Their aim with these self-care boxes is to reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and promote mindfulness and self-care. I found the workbook, journal prompts, and notepad very educational and easy to understand.

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Is a Self-Care Subscription Box Right for Me?

How do I know if a self-care subscription box is right for me? The real question is, who wouldn't benefit from these educational, yet fun, mental health resources? In my humble opinion, I think everyone should give these self-care boxes a try because they offer beneficial tips and practical advice you can apply to your daily life. Another reason I recommend MindWander is their fun self-care products are included each month, so you never have to worry about not having a bath bomb or essential oil spray when you want to relax one night (or have a self-care spa day). Get it, you donut have to worry... donut worry.

When you check out their website, don't forget to take a special discount code with you! MindWander has given me a discount code to share, so Rose-Minded readers can get started with monthly self-care for less. At checkout, use the code PINK10 for 10% off your purchase! Again, the discount code is PINK10 if you're interested in practicing effective, consistent self-care with MindWander.


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