21 Journal Prompts to Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Boosting your confidence and self-esteem may seem like a daunting task, however, journal prompts are one way to tackle this issue! Journal prompts for healing and therapy have been used for years, and many mental health journal prompts are popping up all over to help others with their self-love and self-discovery.

Find the mental health journal prompts for your specific needs, whether it be journal prompts for kids, journal prompts for college students, or creative journal prompts. Anyone and everyone can benefit from journaling for self-esteem; I use journal prompts for so many healing purposes.

Journal prompts not only aid self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-esteem, they also improve your mental health. This is especially true for those struggling with mental illness. If you struggle with mental illness and are looking for mental health journal prompts specific to your needs, check out Rose-Minded's Journal Guides.

"While I was doing my research, I actually found one of your blog articles on 21 journal prompts to boost self-esteem and confidence. Once I finished reading it, I immediately wanted to start writing. I thought if I can see a little improvement in my confidence, I'd be motivated to keep taking care of my self-esteem in the future. I feel like using them, along with incorporating the tips you kindly gave me, will help me improve my confidence a lot more. I can't wait to see the results in the future! I feel so happy and thankful that I found your blog and that I was able to contact you, thank you for being so kind and accessible!" - Andrea Vargas

Check out the following 21 self-reflection journal prompts to help you improve your confidence and self-esteem... your mental health will thank you!

21 Journal Prompts to Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

In your journal or notebook, start on a fresh page with the title, "Confidence" at the top. Number your responses as you go through the journal prompts and answer honestly. Try to make each answer substantial in length and quality so you get the most out of these journal prompts. You can complete the prompts in order, out of order, or choose some of your favorites to try out!

1. Courage

What does being 'brave' mean to you? How have you shown courage recently? In what ways do you wish you were more courageous?

2. Comfort

What situations make you uncomfortable and why? List 10, then list 10 ways you could adjust your mindset to feel more comfortable in the previously listed situations.

3. Self-Respect

Who do you know that radiates self-respect? How can you tell this person respects themselves?

4. Gratitude

List 10 people you're grateful for, and why.

List 10 places you are grateful to exist, and why.

List 10 objects in your life you're grateful to have, and why.

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5. Positivity

What are some ways you could be more positive in your daily life? How do you think a positive attitude affects confidence and self-esteem?

6. Bliss

Consider the past week, what brought you bliss? How could you tell you were experiencing happiness?

7. Self-Worth

Why do you consider yourself worthy of love and respect? If you don't currently feel this way about yourself, who do you know what does? How can you tell they know the value of their self-worth?

8. Morals

Consider your views on morality; what would you consider your personal morals to be? Do you view yourself as an ethical/moral person, why or why not?

9. Interests

List 10 of your personal interests and hobbies in your journal. What do these interests represent about you?

10. Appearance

Without looking in a mirror or reflection, choose 10 of your favorite physical qualities and list them. Why are these your favorite, and how did you come to choose these 10?

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11. Self-Care

Think over the past week and list 10 ways you took care of yourself (big or small). How did each of these ways benefit your health and wellness?

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12. Motivation

What motivates you? When a deadline is quickly approaching, how do you jump-start productivity? How is motivation important for boosting your confidence?

13. Goals

List 10 personal development goals and why they're important to you.

Example: Boost Confidence!

14. Intelligence

Who do you consider to be an intelligent person? What intelligent qualities do you see in yourself? How do you think someone could improve their intelligence?

15. Revival

Aside from caffeine or other energy enhancing substances, what lifts your energy levels? What specific emotions/feelings do you experience when you feel 'revived'?

16. Comparisons

How often do you compare yourself to others, and how can you tell? How could comparing yourself to others be harmful to your own self-esteem?

17. Self-Love

What would loving yourself look like? Do you love yourself, why? List 10 reasons you love yourself! Need some help? Check out Questions To Ask Yourself for Authentic Self-Love.

18. Mindfulness

Take 3 deep breaths and let your thoughts come and go without judgment. How does staying in the present moment, breathing, and observing your thoughts without judgment help boost confidence? If you're unsure about how mindfulness can help improve your mental health, check out 5 Ways Mindfulness Affects Your Brain.

19. Body Positivity

Do you feel body size/shape affects someone's ability to be completely confident, why/why not? How could accepting and loving your body the way it is improve your self-esteem?

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20. Serenity

When you're stressed out, what helps to calm you down? List 10 ways you find serenity in your life. How could reducing stress benefit your confidence levels?

21. Personality

What is your personality type, and how do you think this affects your self-esteem? How could knowing your personality type make you more confident?

Rose-Minded's Journal Guides

Click here or on the pictures above to see the journal guides for bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

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