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Write an Article for Rose-Minded

Whether you're a mental health/social justice advocate, professional therapist or mental health worker, or any kind of mental health blogger, this page is for you. Submit your article on mental illness, self-care, social work, psychology, and more!

Submit a Guest Post

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Rose-Minded. Please be sure to review all the information before submitting your article! Rose-Minded accepts the following topics for published articles:

  • mental health disorders

  • the stigma around mental illness

  • self-care techniques

  • mental health & wellness tips

  • personal stories/journeys through mental illness

  • unique information or resources that would interest readers

  • new research or relevant studies

  • social work or psychology information

  • community wellness

  • safety or crisis planning

  • case management services

  • therapist guides, resources, skills, or articles

  • intervention or therapeutic approach


After you've picked an appropriate topic, read through the guidelines and submit your work to be reviewed! Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to respond, and hopefully edit and publish your work.

  • The article must be 1000+ words, checked for grammar/spelling (you can do this at, and be on an approved topic surrounding mental health, wellness, illness, resources, self-care, etc.

  • You may include links to your own website, blog, social media, etc. however, no affiliate links are permitted in guest posts.

  • Please link to all the resources and references you use so that readers may do their own research as well and verify sources (ex. studies, other articles, institutes, etc.)

  • You may submit any photos with your article, however, we will create graphics to match our website and design. Pictures may or may not be used.

  • If you or your team would like to include any outside links in your post, such as links to services, other websites you are partnered with, products, etc. we accept sponsored posts, price depending on the length and what you would like included in the article. If you would like to include links that are purely informational and have no monetary or collaborative relationship with you then we will consider your post a guest post rather than a sponsored post and there is no fee to publish.

  • If you are interested in submitting your guest post or discussing sponsored post options, please get in touch with us through the contact form below. We have social media and web statistics available. 

  • Submissions will be made through the site once you have accepted a role invitation to become a Guest Writer for Rose-Minded.

  • Please clarify using the check boxes below if your article will be evidence/research-based or if it will be a personal story of an experience. This allows us to identify which type of citations/references may be needed. Hyperlink in-text citations are fine. 

[IMPORTANT: You MUST sign up as a Member of Rose-Minded to be a Guest Writer and have your own writer's profile. Not all members are writers, but all writers MUST be members! You may be accepted as a member even if you are not accepted as a Guest Writer, to participate in forum discussions and other future community or group offers. Sign Up as a Member Here]


Tell us a little about you, what topics you're interested in writing about, and if you have a completed draft already.

What type of collaboration are you looking for?

Thanks for reaching out!

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