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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Rose-Minded. Please be sure to review all the information before submitting your article! Rose-Minded accepts the following topics for published articles: mental health disorders, the stigma around mental illness, self-care techniques, mental health & wellness tips, personal stories/journeys through mental illness, and unique information or resources that would interest readers. After you've picked an appropriate topic, read through the guidelines and submit your work to be reviewed! Please allow a few weeks for us to respond, and possibly edit and publish your work.

  • The article must be 1000+ words and checked for grammar/spelling (you can do this at grammarly.com).

  • The article must be on an approved topic surrounding mental health, wellness, illness, resources, self-care, etc.

  • You may include links to your own website, blog, social media, etc. however no affiliate links are permitted in guest posts.

  • *Optional* In case of delivery issues, you may include a separate document containing all the links used in your article. This is optional and may be requested if there’s a problem with any links.

  • You may submit any photos with your article, however, we will create graphics to match our website and design. Pictures may or may not be used.

  • *Important* We ask all contributors to include a brief ‘About the Author’ biography, either at the end of your article or in a separate document. Please write the article in third-person (ex. Kay has been writing since…) and include any contact links you’d like promoted with your biography.

  • Submit a JPEG picture of yourself. Please keep pictures appropriate and try to avoid selfies for a professional look.

  • MOST IMPORTANT- In order to submit the article, you must sign up as a member of Rose-Minded. This allows you to submit drafts through the website, publish articles, connect with other bloggers, and reply to comments on your article. SIGN UP HERE >>

  • All information collected here is to help speed the process of publication. You will submit your article through the site membership pages once you've signed up.


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