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Rose-Minded collects appropriate personal information about visitors when visitors sign up for the mailing list, or if they purchase something through Rose-Minded. If purchasing something through the site, the payment options include PayPal and credit card, which are secure and private through Wix Stores and Payment. Rose-Minded will not use emails, names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other information received from readers on the site in any other way than stated when you enter your information. Personal information is used to address readers, analyze website statistics, and gather insight data. Information is private and secure, and will not be used for malicious purposes, sharing, spam, or anything other than what's stated when you provide your personal information. Wix Sites also uses cookie data to aid its software, Rose-Minded has no control over these processes and is only required to inform visitors.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Rose-Minded include the following: there will be no hatred tolerated on this website/blog. No offensive, rude, hateful, triggering, or otherwise harmful behavior, words, actions, etc. will be allowed on Rose-Minded. This includes all affiliations with Rose-Minded such as the website you're currently on, my personal Instagram, or any other social media I use to promote my website. These kinds of comments, messages, etc. will be deleted as soon as I see them (and if you see them and I have not noticed, please feel free to bring these kinds of things to my attention by messaging me here), and they will not be responded to and I encourage other readers to not engage with this unacceptable behavior. This site is a safe place for all people, it is a place to discuss, learn, and discover. Mental health can be a sensitive subject, and any kind of behavior that is demeaning will not be tolerated, towards myself or others. 


My website and blog are copyrighted for use by Rose-Minded (Kayla Uimari) only, which includes writing, pictures, books, free resources, etc. All of the information I provide on my site is free to share with anyone, however it is not okay to use my pictures for your own commercial or personal use. This means any of my work you want to use, you must credit me for (including directions to the original source) or ask my permission if you are unsure. My blog is public, so my work is public and therefore open to everyone, however please do not plagiarize or copy any of my work without giving the source you received it from. Thank you!

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The U.S. the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects consumers from deceptive marketing, which is good! Therefore I want to disclose to my readers that I do use affiliate marketing, and advertisements on my site. I'll never spam readers with advertisements, but some are strategically placed on the site! In posts that contain affiliate marketing, I disclose within the post that affiliate marketing may be used in that article, however I only affiliate myself with brands and companies I trust, and that would interest my readers. 


Rose-Minded is run by Kay Uimari who is not able to diagnose or prescribe any health information. Kay Uimari is not a psychologist, however she is a Behavior Therapist (Registered Behavior Technician) with proper behavior training, schooling, and mental health crisis and suicide prevention training. She cannot diagnose and will not try to. Please use the information she provides as self-care methods or treatment aids, which are not the same as doctor recommended methods. If something you disagree with bothers you, or you think Kay is overstepping her place as a mental health blogger, feel free to message her here, to discuss.


Regarding Wellness by Rose-Minded: allergies and skin conditions are the personal responsibility of the consumer, always check the ingredients before applying, consuming, etc. any product. Refunds and returns are unfortunately not accepted by Rose-Minded- no exceptions unless a mistake has been made during production or handling. If your package arrives damaged or is lost, go to the USPS website and file a claim. These products are not intended to cure any disease, always check with your doctor if you're unsure about trying a new product.

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