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Mental Health Instagram Hashtags Everyone Should Know About

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Whether you're a blogger, or frequent Instagram user (or both), knowing the best and most effective mental health hashtags will help you attract the right Instagram users. Mental health hashtags will help you display your profile and posts to others interested in mental health too.

Below is listed optimal hashtag placement, hashtag tips & tricks, mental health bloggers' profile optimization, and the free list of mental health marketing hashtags!

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mental health Instagram

Optimal Hashtag Placement and Tips & Tricks

You may have seen those Instagram users that use a ton of hashtags, and you may have not. Sometimes using hashtags can seem tacky, desperate, or like they don't fit in your post in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Using 11+ hashtags in an Instagram post is well-known to increase your traffic... and you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. There are actually three ways you can use hashtags and not be obnoxious about them!

➥ In the caption

Instagram hashtag placement

I don't personally use this placement anymore, although I used to! I preferred having my captions separate from my hashtags, but if it's no difference to you then go for it!

It's important to use the bullet points before your hashtags! I recommend 5 bullet points, not back-to-back, but arranged vertically (so bullet point, enter button, bullet point, etc.). This allows your hashtags to not take over your post while people are scrolling past it in their feed! When they scroll past, the beginning of your caption will show, and then [...].

➥ In the first comment

Instagram optimization, mental health hashtags

Now, I usually place my hashtags in the first comment on my post. This means, if I want the hashtags to be useful, I need to post the comment immediately after I post the picture. This way you show up when people are searching for/using the hashtags you're using! I recommend preparing your hashtags before in your notes, or something similar, so you can copy and paste to the comments directly after you post.

When scrolling through their feeds, users will see your caption, and see that there's either '1 comment' or it will show your comment, but only this: [...]. Hidden and organized nicely!

Either in the caption or in the comments, hashtags can always be deleted! I wouldn't recommend doing this, at least not for a long time after the post has been published (I'm talking weeks), but you can edit your caption and erase the tags, or just delete the comment if you choose to do it that way.

➥ In your Instagram stories

You can now add hashtags to your Instagram stories (make sure your Instagram app is updated), and this allows more people to be able to see your posts. when you go to add a story, you can also add stickers! By choosing the #hashtag sticker, you can customize it and add any hashtag you want. You can also hide these under other stickers if you don't want the hashtag to distract from your story.


Mental Health Bloggers' Instagram Profile Optimization

Here's an example of my personal profile you can refer to while reading the tips below!

Mental health blogger Instagram profile

I use my name instead of my blog name because I felt using my personal Instagram would help me more in my blog-reach because I had already built an audience and felt/still feel fine posting mental health and blogging posts on my personal account.

If you want to start an Instagram for your blog specifically, then totally do it! Either way is fine and can be successful on Instagram.


Other Mental Health Blogger Instagram Tips

➥ Your "Full Name" on Instagram is important. I add my name, Kay, but also include 'Mental Health Blogger' so my profile will show up when someone is searching for a mental health blogger. This can apply to any blogging niche or keyword you want people to find you through!

➥ I recommend adding a personal touch to your bio. In mine, I include "probably eating ice cream" as a way for my followers and visitors to feel like I'm less of a random stranger on the internet lol. If you're trying to conserve space in your bio for keywords or a description of your blog, etc. then this tip is totally optional.

➥ Your Instagram bio gives you a constant platform for people to see what you offer. Your post captions will continue to move farther down your profile, so make sure your bio has everything you want people to see 1. right off the bat and 2. whenever they want.

➥ It's always beneficial to include a general location in your bio. This doesn't mean your home address (please never do this lol), but I included 'California' so I can also be identified on Instagram by my current location!

➥ Include other types of contact methods, or social media profiles so people can see more! I included my Snapchat username because I used Snapchat a lot! I also include a way for people to visit my website, and I label it by letting everyone know that the link also contains my new blog post.

➥ Another optional tip for profile optimization is making your profile aesthetically-pleasing! I try to edit my pictures using the same filters and changes, or very similar edits so my profile doesn't look disorganized (if you've seen my Instagram however, you know that it's very disorganized lol and I'm working on it).

mental health blogger hashtags


Free Mental Heath Instagram Hashtags *Updated

Below are 20 mental health hashtags from the lists. To get the full (updated from 83) 450+ free hashtags, sign up here and they'll be sent directly to your email!

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