5 Self-Care Myths

Updated: May 2, 2019

5 Self-Care Myths

There is a lot out there about self-care, and everyone is jumping on board with its importance, which is great! However...

There are some things I've seen that don't really reflect proper self-care, or go a little "too far" in suggesting what self-care is and isn't.

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I wanted to clear a few things up so everyone can get back to a healthy and beneficial self-care routine!

5 Self-Care Myths

1. "Self-care means you should constantly be checking up on yourself..."


You don't need to be constantly checking up on yourself to see how you're feeling! By all means, do it occasionally as this is a good way to self-evaluate and check what your needs are. But- overdoing it by turning your focus from care, to worry, isn't going to help anyone. Find a healthy balance in how often you check up on yourself, maybe once a day, maybe once every couple days! Or, if you're in the beginning of treatment, a couple times a day is fine too, just don't worry yourself over how you're feeling or not feeling, and live your life!

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2. "Self-care needs to be specific to an individual in order for it to benefit them..."


Sure, self-care that's specific to your preferences is awesome! It works and it makes you feel in control of your mental health. But, one thing I do want to comment about this, is there are universal self-care techniques that work as well! You don't have to spend a ton of money to find the perfect candle, soap, and satin robe (although who doesn't love all those things). You can practice boring self-care, and still reap the benefits. Speaking of...

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3. "Boring self-care isn't self-care..."


This is so false. Boring self-care, if you didn't know, is self-care that involves basic needs such as hygiene, regular sleep, healthy eating habits, and even cleaning your room! Boring self-care seems like activities everyone just does anyways... but if your mental health is struggling, then even these simple tasks can seem impossible to complete. That's why boring self-care helps so many people (even myself), because otherwise it might not get done. Anything that involves taking care of your self and well-being, can be a form of self-care, and I personally hold a healthy respect for those practicing boring self-care.

4. "Self-care is for sensitive people..."


Let me put it this way, taking care of yourself will make you a stronger person. It will make you healthier, it will support your mental health and encourage you to live your best life. Self-care can be the foundation of self-love for many people, and that does not make everyone who practices self-care sensitive. And if a sensitive person decides to practice self-care, what's it to you? Self-care involves the self, and its focus is on bettering an individual's health, so if that makes someone sensitive then I guess so does going to the gym and brushing your teeth!

5. "Self-care doesn't work..."


If I hear this one more time, I will have a mental breakdown in front of somebody and ask them what I should do and watch them freak out... LOL. Of course self-care works! And that example was pretty extreme, but how could taking care of yourself not benefit your mental health? Any kind of care helps, whether you're helping someone else or yourself! I can avoid going through a mental health crisis by making sure I take care of myself, and that is proof enough to me that self-care works.

5 self-care myths

If you have any questions or comments about self-care, please feel free to leave a comment below, or head to the contact page and leave us a message!

If you or someone you know is going through a mental health crisis or is having suicidal thoughts, always feel free to call this 24-hour hotline with people willing to talk and help you:


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