Rose-Minded is dedicated to providing mental health awareness, support, and education to internet readers and social media users of all ages. Rose-Minded's underlying goals are suicide prevention, reducing the stigma around mental illness, and encouraging mental wellness. You are not alone!

About Me

Meet the writer and creator of Rose-Minded, Kay Uimari. 

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Welcome visitors of Rose-Minded! My name is Kay Uimari and I write a majority of the articles on Rose-Minded and work behind-the-scenes. I'm so happy you've come to visit this mental health, self-care, personal development blog where we offer support, information, and resources for those searching.


On Rose-Minded you'll find plenty of mental health tips and tricks; journal prompts, helpful resources, and mental disorders are all examples of various popular topics. I love to write with a passion and blogging has been an amazing creative outlet for me, but one day I hope to write books with the knowledge and experience I continue to absorb day by day.


I've worked as a suicide prevention hotline worker, a behavior therapist, and plain ole' mental health advocate and I have a B.S. in Psychology. I continue to learn, grow, study, and accumulate new experiences I love to share with others through this blog. 

Fun Facts About Kay

  • Kay owns a young ESA dog named Morty, after Rick and Morty the TV show. He is a rottweiler who loves to rip things apart.

  • Her personality type is INFP and she's an Aries (although you'll never find her checking her horoscope).

  • She spends her free time blogging, playing with Morty, writing in her journal, making homemade candles for friends, and meditating. 

  • She makes lists for every possible task she can.

  • Her goals in life are to publish mental health books, grow a luscious rose garden, and help people along their mental health journies.  

I've struggled with severe Major Depressive Disorder, OCD (Excoriation Disorder), Bulimia, and general anxiety. Today I am in recovery from some disorders and still struggle with others. My aim is to help others struggling with the same or similar disorders, let them (and everyone struggling with their mental health) know that they are not fighting an invisible monster, and let them know they aren't fighting alone. 


Join the community here on Rose-Minded and find others' support and encouragement just as you share your own. Submit a guest post, share your story, become a member, follow our social media, and shop our self-care store!


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