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Q: Use of file_get_contents in Codeigniter I am new to Codeigniter and am learning through a book. When I saw file_get_contents in a code sample, I did not understand the use of it. I want to understand what is the use of file_get_contents in Codeigniter. A: The function is used to read an external file or a script into your code. It is used for embedding an external javascript file It is used for embedding an external css file It is used for embedding an external php file If you want to understand it further, you can find an example here Menu Undercover Racism They are the most effective, effective kind of racism, the undercover racism. It is racism in the liberal media, racism in Hollywood. Here we have another social studies lesson, this one in America. In its seemingly natural, non-racist evolution, the white America has become indistinguishable from black America. It is a mutation. I cannot imagine a worse mutation. It is moving so fast that all the white people will be black in forty years. They try to put it on a pathway, but it cannot find one. This is the white revolution. White America is in the process of becoming black. This is not something they did to themselves. White America is doing it to itself. But it is such a hard thing to think of. We’re used to thinking of a person as a person. That one is black. And this one is white. And it is obvious, as they always have been. But now, a whole community has lost its racial identity, and its population is all white. This is not like a hate crime. It is a political crime, and a strategic crime, and an economic crime, and a crime against humanity, and a crime against the ideology of liberalism. It’s not the first time a community has become black. That happened in St. Louis in the late 1800’s. The Irish had been the white man’s burden. They were thrown out of Ireland by the British government and dumped on the US shores. So they came to America and became a black community. The same thing



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