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Designed for anyone needing to add editing or commenting to a drawing. Your style guide can be set up, then comments can be added or replaced, drawn on top of existing comments, or even deleted entirely. (video: 1:05 min.)Your design style guide can be attached to a document as a design element, a direct drop-in addition to the drawing, or a linked file on your computer. Comments can be made against that design element as well. (video: 2:17 min.)Add comments to drawings using the new Markup Manager. Similar to adding notes to a drawing, the Markup Manager allows you to add additional notes, in the same manner you would create a comment in an autoCAD drawing. (video: 1:13 min.)Drawing ManagementTreat your drawing as part of your project or product, so that managing all your drawings is just one step.Save your project as a revision control system with a single click.Share and collaborate with other collaborators on the same project, including synchronizing the revision histories between multiple drawings.The workflow user interface provides a more streamlined working environment for working on a drawing project.Project Explorer with filter and sorting:Project Explorer can help you to navigate your projects and files more efficiently than ever before. It shows all project files at once, so you can more easily find the right one for the job.Filter and sort files, projects, users, and folders for a fast and intuitive workspace.Compare files to get a complete picture of how changes are affecting your project.Use the new context menu to open files, folders, and projects.Search and export:The search bar helps you find what you need by instantly searching and filtering your files.Use Ctrl+E and Ctrl+F to open any text file with your search terms in a new, open file.Zip and unzip project files on the go.Print drawings from within the desktop application:Print directly to a remote printer, without the need for special software.Connect to a local network or mobile device to print to a shared printer.Modify drawings with a right-click (or double-click on Windows):Locate your cursor at the edge of any layer or tool in the drawing. Right-click 2be273e24d