Mental Health Journal Guide- Anxiety

Mental Health Journal Guide- Anxiety


A journal guide is an important factor in the process of discovering your own strengths and weaknesses, which is also the first step to building on strengths and working on weaknesses! Reflect each week on previous weeks' journal entries, and you'll learn more and more about yourself and your mental health as you progress through the guide over the entire year. 


Before you can transform yourself, or even just find self-peace and mindful awareness, you must know how to recognize, approach, and reverse a  downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, how to become aware of the emotions you feel and what they mean, how to recognize and approach your anxious signs and symptoms, and also how to take care of yourself! This combination of healthy expression is proven to lead to a long-term and strong feeling of improvement from anxiety and related-symptoms! To get a sneak peek of 4 journal prompts, click here!


Note: This journal guide shouldn't replace professional treatment! It should be used as a helpful aid in the improvement of anxiety and recovery.


Take your time with this journal guide and be easy on yourself! Go at your own pace and remember to try your best, whatever your best may be.


We've noticed some prompts are similar toward the end of the journals. Therefore, if you want all three journal guides we offer a discount code for buy 2 get 1 free! Use the code 'journals2' to get the third journal guide free.

  • When purchasing this mental health guide, please remember that although it is an ebook it is not public property and is copyrighted. Do not plagiarize the journal prompts in any way, and do not re-sell, distribute, or release content from any of the journal guides. 


    For therapists and professionals:

    This journal guide is available for use by professionals in professional settings, such as licensed therapists, psychologists, teachers, etc. and can be used with clients.

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