8 Week Mood Tracker

8 Week Mood Tracker



Fun Mood Trackers for Personal and Professional Use


“There is a correlation between the severity of a person’s moods and a lack of self-knowledge.”
Jill Alexander Essbaum, Hausfrau


  • Balance your moods/emotions

  • Recognize important factors affecting your moods/emotions

  • Stay up-to-date on your self-care

  • Improve your gratitude

  • Increase your happiness

  • Become more self-aware

  • Finally aim for self-growth


8 Week Mood Tracker Package


The 8 Week Mood Tracker package includes 7 individually-designed daily mood trackers, and 7 weekly mood tracker guides, including inspirational quotes specific to each guide.


Daily Mood Tracker Themes:


- Lavender

- Paris

- Galaxy

- Puppies

- Ocean

- Misty Rose

- Pink Marble


Weekly mood tracker guides that come with the 8 week package:


- Happiness

- Body Positivity

- Relaxation

- Original

- Energy

- Friendship

- Stress Management


All of these guides are themed to incorporate relevant and motivating quotes on each page, and each guide also includes the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255). Download and easily print each of these mood tracker guides for yourself or others!


“We are governed by our moods; should be the other way around.”
― Haresh Sippy


Digital product comes in a zip folder; on your computer select 'Extract All' so you have all the files!


*Some of these mood trackers have been sent out as free, weekly resources. No returns or exchanges.

  • These mood tracker PDFs are intended for personal and professional use only. This means, please do not re-sell any of these guides! The mood tracker guide is a therapy & self-improvement resource, do not replace professional advice from a licensed mental health professional.


    Unfortunately there are no returns or exchanges.

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