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450+ Mental Health Hashtags for Instagram 2019

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

mental health hashtags

Do you follow self-care gurus, mental health bloggers, or just someone who shares helpful information about mental health on Instagram? I like to follow relatable social media accounts and personalities that inspire, motivate, encourage, and support my own mental health journey. I even go as far as to follow the mental health hashtags on Instagram so I can see popular posts about mental health awareness from advocates all over the world. Interested? You can do this too!

Whether you're a mental health blogger, starting a personal development blog, or just want to increase engagement with the mental health audiences on Instagram, using the proper hashtags are key. Hashtags on Instagram are similar to keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), both help your target audiences/followers see your content when you use the hashtags/keywords relevant to their search. In simpler terms, if someone is looking for #selfcareideas and you use the hashtag in your post about self-care, then there's a much better chance they will see your content.

For optimal hashtag placement in post captions, post comments, and story posts see Mental Health Instagram Bloggers (the previous list of 83 hashtags). That post gives more tips and tricks for your Instagram profile, posts, and optimization!

In this post:

  • Instagram hashtag research

  • Blog keyword research

  • Hashtags by topic


Instagram Hashtag Research

I sometimes spend hours doing hashtag and keyword research (especially for posts like this one) that way you guys don't have to! However, everyone has different marketing, aesthetic, and niche topic ideas; keep reading for how you can do your own hashtag research to find the exact hashtags you need to succeed.

First you'll need to identify what kind of followers you want to see your content (and be realistic). This means if you have a 'food-lovers' Instagram profile, it's unlikely you're going to attract audiences interested in cars or photography, although you might. Obviously people have random interests so you can still attract someone interested in food and cars, but they're going to be looking for food or car content in separate searches. This is the importance of using hashtags that draw the right audiences to your content for maximum engagement.

Once you've decided what content your future followers will be looking for, type in a generic hashtag into the search bar on Instagram. I started with a search for "mental health" and "self-care" hashtags which led me to tons of recommended hashtags and users who include similar hashtag ideas in their posts. This is one of the easiest and best ways to research hashtags!

Another way to do hashtag research is by using a hashtag generator to come up with a list of relevant hashtags when you type in a topic. You can use one like All Hashtag to generate similar hashtags to one word you type in, or you could try Influencer Marketing Hub where you upload a photo and the site generates hashtags for you.

Instagram hashtag research

Blog Keyword Research

Besides for hashtags on social media, keywords are one of the most important keys to getting your blog discovered on search engines. Keywords help relevant audiences search for your content and find it, so keyword research is essential to having a successful blog or website.

After discovering the niche topic of content you put out and the audience for that content you're ready to start your keyword research. Pick 2 or 3 words that really describe your content and start by googling them. Scroll to the bottom of the search results page and look at the other terms and phrases people are searching.

These are great phrases to use and click on to find other related topics/terms/niches/keywords. Another great way to find out what people are searching and what is trending on Google is by using Google Trends. This awesome tool lets you search a topic and it produces trending keywords and related topics. The best part is that it's totally free!

Hashtags by Topic

Below you'll find topics related to mental health, personal development, self-care, and mental health disorders. These hashtags were researched to work best on Instagram. There are ten listed below each topic, for the full list of 450+ mental health hashtags, subscribe to Rose-Minded here to have the free lists sent straight to your inbox.

This list has been updated from the previous list of 83 Mental Health Instagram Hashtags posted on Rose-Minded's blog. The previous list has been incorporated into this new list of 450+ hashtags, and subscribing twice to get the second list will not add your email twice to our list (duplicates automatically get removed!).


#mentalhealthmonth #mentalhealthmemes #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthcampaign #mentalhealthday #mentalhealthjourney #mentalhealthcolloquium #mentalhealthbook(s) #mentalhealthcounselor


#selfcareis #selfcarefirst #selfcareaccount #selfcareapps #selfcaremoment #aselfcaremoment #aselfcare #selfcaremanifesto #selfcarerevolution #selfcarelife


#anxietycomics #anxietyedit #anxietyeating #anxietyexercise #anxietyexpert #anxietyfacts #anxietyfeelslike #anxietygone #anxietygang #anxietyguy


#depressionrecovery #depressionproblems #depressionepisode(s) #depressionsupport #depressionantics #depressiondisorders #depressionfree #depressionblows #depressionclub #depressionsucks


#dissociation #intrusivethoughts #dermatillomania #skindisorder #excoriationdisorder #actuallyOCD #mentalhealthdisorders #mentalillness(es) #mentalillnessawareness #mentaldisorderawareness

Inspiration, Quotes, Journaling

#findyourpurpose #createyourreality #yourstoryisntoveryet #endthestigma #breakthestigma #stopthestigma #breakthesilence #stigmafighter #wellness #inspiration(al)


Don't forget- if you're doing the 7-Day Morning Self-Care Challenge to use the hashtags #rmchallenge and #roseminded on Instagram to show off your self-care. We love to see others doing the challenge and sharing with our followers!

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