How To Refresh Your Blog in 6 Simple Steps

Updated: May 2, 2019

Has your blog traffic plateaued? Or are you struggling with how to change up your web design and branding? Continue reading below for 6 simple steps on how to refresh your blog to get loads of traffic, engagement from the right audiences, and a fresh brand design.

Refresh your blog to drive relevant traffic, new audiences, and fresh perspectives to your website and content. Don't fall behind in design quality, or lose track of your relevant social media tags/keywords. Also be sure to create new and original content, and even consider writing something outside of your niche or comfort zone.

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1. Switch up something about your website's design.

I looked at my old logo, a black square with colored text inside, and I was no longer impressed. So, I decided to switch things up! I edited the header on my site, and even a few social media headers, to match my new logo, and then I started to notice a few of my old designs weren't "up to par" with how I wanted my site to look. So I ended up making a few new designs using my trusty service, Canva, and I'm so happy with how my website looks with the new, updated designs.

If you don't have a blog, but still love graphic design, making creative documents for school or work, or are starting a new business and need designs on a budget, check out! You can sign up for free and search 50,000 templates for resumes, business cards, logos, album covers, work sheets, presentations, planners, and more! Here are a few examples of designs for my blog I've made on Canva!

2. Update money-making methods.

On occasion, I switch the ads I choose to display on my site! Just like the one you see for ShareASale to the left, I select all my visible ads from the affiliate marketing platform, I can check my reports and see which ads are doing well, and which are not, and then switch out other ads on my site accordingly!

My other top favorite affiliate marketing site is MagicLinks. I use this site for affiliate links, instead of ads, and choose products to recommend to readers! Just like there are affiliate links in this post, you must disclose in each post that the post may contain affiliate links. You can even describe what they are to readers, if you want an example (please no plagiarism) you can see my disclaimer. Check out!

Here are some pages on my site where I switch out ads occasionally!


Mental Health




Mental Health Bloggers

3. Create a new freebie.

A great way to increase the amount of subscribers in your mailing list is to send them a free download for something useful when they sign up. One some example of something I used to send out for free with subscription is the weekly self-care planner! Now, this planner comes free with purchase of a Journal Guide, but when it was a freebie I created a blog post to promote it, which you can check out here.

My current freebie for mental health bloggers is 83 mental health hashtags, 2 whole pages of hashtags to increase your social media reach. Subscribe here to get yours.

4. Try writing a different kind of blog post.

In an older post, 7 Online Boutiques You Don't Want To Miss, I went outside of my blog's niche of mental health and posted a lifestyle blog post. If this is something you'd have fun trying, start typing your first draft!

5. Join new blogging groups, and leave ones that are inactive.

Facebook and Pinterest groups for bloggers are extremely helpful in driving traffic to your blog. I've already listed a ton of Facebook groups in a previous post,

How To Start Your Own Mental Health Blog

so I won't list them all over again, but you can always browse Pinterest for new groups, and check your sidebar on Facebook for related groups to join.

Here are my blogging groups:

Pinterest: Mental Health Minds

Facebook: Mental Health Minds

6. Update your Pinterest!!!

Make sure your blog keywords are in your profile bio, and your profile picture is either a recognizable picture of yourself, or your blog's logo.

Update all your board names, descriptions (filled with relevant keywords!), and cover images.

You can make cover images for your boards with your board's title on it and a cute design. Edit the cover image on Canva (mentioned in step 1) and customize the dimensions to 217 x 146 pixels!

See my Pinterest board covers as an example.

Remember to always add good blog descriptions packed with content-related tags, keywords, categories, and anything readers can use to find your pins on Pinterest!

Schedule your pins and add awesome descriptions to all of them with ease using Tailwind! It's what I use to schedule all of my pins, and I've seen a dramatic increase in traffic... I went from 7 Pinterest followers, to over 900 in less than a year. Plus, Pinterest is now one of the top sources of traffic to Rose-Minded!

It's crazy to think it's been almost a year since Rose-Minded was started, and I'm so happy with the progress it's made since the beginning! However, on occasion I notice a sort-of "plateau" in my blog statistics, and that's when I realize I need to change some things up again. I don't make major changes like I used to, but now every so often I like to refresh my website and blog to keep things interesting!

Use these 6 simple steps to refresh your blog when you notice your statistics stop increasing! Maybe set a time interval, where you refresh your website every so often to keep things interesting, fresh, and exciting. This could prevent any kind of plateau, or even prevent a possible decrease in your blog's traffic.

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