7 Free Mood Trackers to Manage Your Mental Health

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

"Thanks so much for these mood charts. I love how you added water and what one is grateful for. I am definitely using these for my therapy groups!!! Thanks again, Cindy" - Cynthia Lee

When it comes to your mental health, management is just as important as treatment and recovery. What's the difference? Management isn't looking for an end-game (not that there couldn't be one), it's main goal is to help you feel better with the health conditions and symptoms you're experiencing now.

Treatment and recovery of mental illness can give hope for the future, however, many people need management of their present mental health for general well-being, and to prevent any worsening of conditions.

Mood Trackers Free Download

One way to help manage your mental health is with self-care. Self-care is the conscious decision to take care of yourself, whether it be mental, physical, spiritual, etc. and it can range from attempting basic hygiene (a common problem for those in deep depression) to candles, soaps, music, or a new book. Self-care not only is generally important for good health, happiness, and well-being, it's also an accessible and inexpensive treatment aid for mental illness.

Another way to manage your mental health is with mood trackers. A mood tracker is a wonderful way to regulate emotions, observe changes in well-being, and clarify previously-unknown mood patterns. Mood trackers can be helpful for an individual tracking mood changes, or for therapists to use with their clients either to give out for private use or go over in therapy if both parties are comfortable! Is a mood tracker right for you? Keep reading below to find out more about mood trackers, and choose your favorite from 7 free printables!

What is 'Mood'?

- Mood is a temporary emotional state of mind.

You may have noticed that sometimes you're in a "good" mood and sometimes you fall into a "bad" mood. What do these mean? A "good" mood could mean anything from ecstatic to content to seductive. A "bad" mood could mean anything from disgusted to exhausted to embarrassed. So, how do we draw the line between emotions when we claim to be in a "good" or "bad" mood? What if you've been moving from content to satisfied to happy to ecstatic over a course of time, but all you notice are some "good" moods?

See More: 5 Reasons You're Always in a Bad Mood

Mood trackers are essential to those who have any kind of problems with their mood, or anyone who is interested in self-awareness, self-reflection, emotional intelligence, or personal growth. Not everyone who has problems with their mood has a mental illness, however, 'Mood Disorders' is a category of mental illness in which Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder fall under. An underlying symptom of many mental illnesses is emotion dysregulation.

What is 'Emotion Dysregulation'?

- Emotion dysregulation is the inability to properly process, regulate, or respond to emotional events or situations.

Other possible mental health disorders with this symptom include personality disorders, such as Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Anxiety Disorders (ex. hyper-reactivity, distress, worry, fear) such as OCD or PTSD. Substance abuse, chemical dependency, and traumatic brain injury can also cause emotional dysregulation.

But remember... mood & emotion are important to everyone!

Daily Mood Trackers Therapist Resources

7 Themed Daily Mood Trackers (Free Printables)

Download your favorites out of these free daily mood trackers and print them out! You can use mood trackers every day, every other day, or once a week. If you use the mood tracker once a week, make sure your responses cover the collective week's mood and emotions. Along with the mood trackers, you'll need to print out the emotion chart, which will help with some of your responses!

For those trying to minimize their carbon footprint, print out one (or just save as a wallpaper on your laptop!) and write down your responses in a journal. A fun way to incorporate more of these styles you love is switching off themes to keep things fresh and interesting! Observing changes in your sleep patterns and nutrition is also important because of how they can affect your moods.

1. 'Classic'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

daily mood tracker pdf

[Click for free download]

2. 'Retro'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

daily mood tracker pdf

[Click for free download]

3. 'Neutral'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

Neutral daily mood tracker free download

[Click for free download]

4. 'Vintage'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

Vintage daily mood tracker free download

[Click for free download]

5. 'Lace'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

Lace daily mood tracker free download

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6. 'Hippy'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

Hippy daily mood tracker free download

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7. 'Garden'- Daily Mood Tracker by Rose-Minded

Garden daily mood tracker free download

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Don't forget your emotion chart!

Mood, Feelings, Emotion Chart

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If you love these mood trackers, you'll love the other creative designs by Rose-Minded. These designs are bundled into 3 "weeks' worth" of mood trackers, and 8 "weeks' worth" of mood trackers. We use quotations because you can use and re-use the mood trackers for as many weeks as you'd like. "Weeks' worth" will be what we call, the measurement/quantity of our bundles. We recommend buying one or the other, as the 8-week bundle contains some of the 3-week bundle.

Rose-Minded now offers fun, creative mood trackers for personal and professional use. Check out the article, 5 Reasons You're Always in a Bad Mood to read more on the mood trackers available or click below to head straight to the mood trackers' main page!

3 and 8 Week Mood Tracker Packages

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