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7 Fall Inspired Self-Care Ideas

Updated: May 2, 2019

With the fall season upon us, I thought fall inspired self-care would be perfect for the upcoming months! Focusing on your self-care is important during any season of the year, but here are some tips for taking care of your mental health and well-being this autumn.

7 fall inspired self-care ideas

For anyone having trouble fitting self-care into their schedule, read Self-Care: Planning Ahead (free planner!) to grab a free weekly planner for scheduling your self-care! This post may contain affiliate links, for more information, see my disclaimer.


Fall Inspired Self-Care

1. Take yourself, a friend, or a partner on a fall-themed date

Planning a date can be really fun, even if you're going solo! Find a cool place in your area that is fall-themed, like a pumpkin patch, a hay ride, or a haunted house. Focus on staying positive and having a good time, you'll feel awesome afterwards.

2. Find a yummy fall recipe

Search for some delicious fall recipes you can experiment with in your kitchen! You can start the recipe as a project, or you can find a friend and work together on it! Arrange your masterpiece in a creative way, and then share the leftovers.

Here are some suggestions for good fall recipes:

How To Make Perfect Pumpkin Seeds

3. Decorate your living space for fall

Find cute fall decorations, even cheap ones from the Target dollar section are perfect! Put on some good music and spend a little time preparing yourself for the colder seasons. If you're looking for something more specific for your mental health, check out How to Redecorate Your Living Space to Ease Anxiety.

4. Bring out your fall wardrobe

Changing my closet from mainly summer clothes, to my fall sweaters and scarves is one of my favorite indicators of the upcoming season. I love fall clothing! If you have too many items to store away for the winter, consider making some money off of your used items! Check out the best places to sell your clothing online!

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5. Don't have a good fall wardrobe? Do some retail therapy

Sometimes when I'm breaking out my fall wardrobe, I realize it's lacking a little in my current fashion-taste. I don't usually go crazy with the retail therapy (like I used to), because life requires self-control and personal responsibility. But, it's always fun to get a few new pieces for your wardrobe, so if you're like me, you'll love these super affordable online boutiques, with awesome fall selections!

6. Start a journal

Writing in a journal is something I obviously think is extremely helpful to mental health, but fall can be a great time to begin! The new year is approaching, and it's beneficial to reflect over the past year, and prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming year! Plan out some goals, and look over old journal entries to see your progress.

mental health journal prompts for anxiety

7. Clarify your current mental health

Something that really aid in proper self-care, is finding out where you're at with your mental wellness. This can help you find areas you may need to work on, or you might find you're doing better than you realized! Sometimes during this time of year, Seasonal Affective Disorder takes hold of people who suffer from SAD (I know, what an ironic acronym).

7 fall inspired self-care ideas


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