Essential Oil Blends and Kits For Your Mental and Physical Health

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Aromatherapy, and essential oils themselves, have become increasingly popular- not only for fragrance, people are beginning to pay attention to the astounding wellness benefits essential oils have with little to no side effects (unlike most medications). I use my essential oils and diffuser every day;

1. It makes my house smell like Heaven on Earth, and I get to pick the fragrances and blends. Plus they last so long because it only takes a few drops of oil in my diffuser and some water for my house to smell amazing for hours.

2. Not only can you gain mental/physical benefits from essential oils in a diffuser (which is what I usually do because it's quick and easy, plus your house smells good!), you also can reap the benefits if you apply essential oils on your skin (please please test the oil first on a small patch of skin to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin). You can also put essential oils in your bath, on your hair in the shower, on your pillowcase, in your perfume, and so many more! Check out 15 Essential Oils to Ease Anxiety and Stress.

An essential oil blend is a combination of specific essential oils, chosen through a selective process aimed at targeting a certain aspect of wellness. It can be really helpful for those who don't want to buy 10 different essential oils that all claim to help one problem. These people can now choose an essential oil blend that has already had the hard work of researching specific essential oil benefits and combining those oils, done for them! If you're one of these people who doesn't need 10 different bottles lying around for a specific wellness need, check to see if there's a blend for what you need!

There are plenty of blends for physical health ailments, but did you know there are also essential oil blends for mental health ailments? Essential oils can affect the mind just as much as it can affect the body, because as we all know by now (hopefully), the brain is a body part! It can get hurt, it can get sick, and it can be healed!

Getting the right essential oils is also important, not just any old bottle of somethin' from Amazon. My most trusted and preferred brand that sells pure, natural, and tested essential oils and essential oil blends is Twig+Petal! They also have products like diffusers, lotions, salves, natural deodorants, anti-bacterial products, soy candles, room sprays, toiletries, and kits (including travel kits). They have (as far as I've seen) the best selection of essential oil blends for physical and mental health, and they guarantee their process is upheld to the highest standards.

Physical Wellness Essential Oil Blends

Mental Wellness Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Wellness Kits

These are Twig+Petal hand-picked collections of their favorite essential oils and blends, combined for the ultimate wellness kits! Find the kit that fits your lifestyle and see what it can do for you!

Other Wellness Items I Love!

See More!

Twig+Petal have items for the daily grind, the mother-to-be, the new mother, yoga fanatics, skin care, fragrances, beard care, menopause, and more. They have such a broad selection, I would encourage you to browse their site because some of their items are really cool and unique!

If Twig+Petal doesn't have what you're looking for, definitely do your research and find another reputable, trustworthy, and high quality brand that you can browse for natural treatment of physical and mental ailments. I'm not against medication, I want to make that clear. However, it's always helpful to see if your ailment can be treated first or foremost naturally, to avoid unwanted side effects medications can cause. This post contains affiliate links, for more information see my disclaimer!

Let me know if you or someone you know has tried any of these blends, or blends similar! Do you have a favorite essential oil blend for your physical/mental health? Share it in the comments below!



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