The Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Lover's Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Does that special someone in your life swear by the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who has been mentioning an interest in essential oils, but just never started with research or shopping? Whether it's a birthday gift, holiday gift, seasonal gift, or just-because, make sure your gift is specialized to that person's interests and especially- health!

Check out the essential oil lover's gift guide below! Since Christmas is coming up (a huge gift-giving holiday!) I thought I'd try to include a few "stocking-stuffer-sized" gifts too! This post contains affiliate links, however my readers are unaffected and just need to be informed. For more info, see my disclaimer!

Below you'll find gift options including unique essential oil diffusers, aromatherapy pendants, aromatherapy and essential oil books, as well as my personal favorite site to purchase oils from!

To make things easy on those shopping on a tighter budget, you can look for the Budget Best ribbon to know it's a discounted or low price for the best quality! If you're looking to personalize a gift and make a thoughtful gesture, but need to do so without breaking your bank, look out for this ribbon!

I also wanted to include my personal favorite from each section I've split this gift guide into. This one may not be as important when you're shopping for gifts, but I know a lil' somethin' somethin' about retail, and I know a lil' somethin' somethin' else about essential oils and accompanying products!

The Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Lover's Gift Guide

Unique Diffusers

Gift Options:

1. Better Homes and Gardens Essential Oil Diffuser, Lavender Fields

This cheap diffuser from Walmart (only $23.72!) has a really cute design, and pretty awesome features to match.

  • Humidifies the air and enhances environment with aromatherapy

  • Ultrasonic vibration of the Better Homes and Garden oil diffuser releases a cool mist

  • Automatically shuts off when dry

  • 100mL Reservoir lasts up to 8 hours.

Check out the Better Homes and Gardens Essential Oil Diffuser, Lavender Fields!

2. GX 200 ml Timer Colorful Essential Oil Diffuser

These super cool diffusers from AliExpress are about $41.50, with color choices that are original and unique. If you want something a little more personalized and different, definitely look into one of these diffusers; it got mostly 5 star reviews with only three 4 star reviews, and nothing lower!

Check out the GX 200 ml Timer Colorful Essential Oil Diffuser!

3. 500 ml Remote Control Air Purifier and Aroma Diffuser

Honestly I believe this is the best choice when it comes to picking an essential oil diffuser, first because of the competitive features such as remote control ability, 7 LED light colors, and a whopping 500 ml storage availability. Second, the price does not seem to match this diffuser's features...

This diffuser is only $19! Yes that's correct, on AliExpress this diffuser is seriously inexpensive, and would save you a lot of money while buying gifts, possibly allowing you to throw in a couple of their favorite essential oils as well!

Check out the 500 ml Remote Control Air Purifier and Aroma Diffuser!

Aromatherapy Pendants

Gift Options:

(I had never heard of aromatherapy pendants before doing research for this gift guide! You add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the inside of the pendant, and then throughout the day you will reap the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go... talk about proactive well-being!)

1. Antique Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Pendant

On AliExpress, I found a couple really cool aromatherapy pendants (necklaces, charms, etc.), and you will not believe how cheap they are. This pretty pendant is only $2.09! The perfect gift at the perfect price!

Whether you're shopping for someone else or yourself, a pendant for essential oils is a great option if you're trying to stick to a budget. Full-sized diffusers can get pricey, and some people would prefer to reap the benefits on the go. Consider the pendant options as you look through them, and compare different gift options!

Check out the Antique Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Pendant!

2. Stainless Steel Bullet Aromatherapy Pendant

This trendy, edgy design is perfect for a personalized gift this holiday season! I've given some more feminine gift options, so I thought I would also include a more masculine design, however either genders can appreciate any of the gift designs here.

The bullet pendant is $8.30, still a pretty cheap gift option. If this is your style, or someone you know would love this pendant, consider it a great gift option the "gift-getter" will be bragging about to everyone they know!

Check out the Stainless Steel Bullet Aromatherapy Pendant!

3. Handmade Essential Oil Refillable Glass Bottle Pendant

These pendants are cool because you can see through them to the oil that's being carried inside the bottle. It's kind of like the washing machines that have the clear doors, so you can watch your clothes spinning- there's no real reason to see the inside material but it's kind of cool!

Pick out of the above colored glass pendants, and specialize the color to the receiver's preference. These pendants are only $7.36 each, but on AliExpress the discounted prices only last for a limited time, so hurry and do your gift-shopping early before the prices go up as the holidays get closer!

Check out the Handmade Essential Oil Refillable Glass Bottle Pendant!

4. "Mom Loves Baby" Essential Oil Pendant

Here's something for the mothers out there this gift-giving season!

Aromatherapy pendants benefit everyone, even mothers of any age. Whether pregnant and expecting, or a thriving mother, all women would appreciate this thoughtful pendant, found on AliExpress for $8.59!

Check out the "Mom Loves Baby" Essential Oil Pendant!

4. Lava Stone Aromatherapy Pendant

Coming in a number of different colored beads, the lava stone pendant is the perfect gift for those looking

for the ultimate nature-oriented product! The beads are created from lava stone, which has long been said to have grounding properties.

Add a drop of oil onto a bead of lava stone, then wait a couple minutes for the stone to absorb the oil (this way the oil won't get on your clothes). Get the lava stone pendant on AliExpress for only $2.77!

Check out the Lava Stone Aromatherapy Pendant!

5. Hanging Glass Flower Car Aromatherapy Pendant

These colorful pendants look similar to a previous gift option (despite the flower design), however these pendants are made specifically to hang in your car! Now, you and your friends can have essential oils filling your car space, and making your car smell amazing.

You'd never have to buy a car air-freshener again! Another plus, these car air fresheners are only $1.15 a piece... a great budget option (that's still unique and thoughtful!).

Check out the Hanging Glass Flower Car Aromatherapy Pendant!

Aromatherapy Books

Gift Options:

1. The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood, and Emotion

The Fragrant Mind | Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood, and Emotion is a helpful resource for novice essential oil lovers, and even a good resource for aromatherapy experts to discover more about the benefits essential oils have on mental wellness.

The pretty cover also makes this gift fun, and Valerie Ann Worwood has written other aromatherapy books that would make a good gift as well! This book being $12.46 on the Book Depository, I'd check it out soon while it's discounted! Of course this book is my personal favorite as well as the budget best!

Check out The Fragrant Mind: Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood, and Emotion!

2. Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche: Using Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche by Peter & Kate Damain, is just another example of a great aromatherapy book that includes the psychological benefits of essential oils, as well as the physical benefits! You can find this one at Barnes and Noble for $15.76.

Check out Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche: Using Essential Oils for Physical and Emotional Well-Being!

3. Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to the Therapeutic and Clinical Application of Essential Oils

If you want the ultimate guide, the go-to resource for everything aromatherapy and essential oil-related, then you need this book. You... or someone you know! Dr. Scott A. Johnson put together this guide that includes therapeutic and clinical applications for essential oils that could be interesting to anyone from new essential oil users to professionals looking to integrate aromatherapy into their health practices!

Here's the book description, which does this book way more justice than I ever could:

"Whether you are new to essential oils, a long-time user, or a healthcare professional wishing to integrate essential oils into your practice, this book will quickly become your go-to resource! Endorsed by MDs, DOs, NPs, and doulas. Thousands of hours of research, clinical observations, ancient practices, and practical use are distilled into this ultimate guide to essential oils that combines evidence-based research with the art of natural healing to realize the maximum benefits of therapeutic essential oils. What's included: In depth profiles for 88 botanical species of essential oils including cautions, possible substitutes, dilution range, primary compounds, therapeutic properties, and supportive research studies summarized in one to three sentences. Hundreds of research studies summarized in one or two sentences. Simple to follow protocols for more than 450 common health conditions. A section specific to essential oil therapy for children including protocols specific to age groups for more than 100 childhood ailments. A complete guide for using essential oils safely and effectively during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and lactation that includes more than 70 protocols to help make these special times more enjoyable. Comprehensive safety information, including interactions with medications. Answers to the most common questions about essential oil therapy by both lay persons and practitioners."

Check out Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to the Therapeutic and Clinical Application of Essential Oils!

Twig + Petal | The Best High-Quality, Pure Essential Oils and Blends

If you haven't already heard about Twig +Petal, head to Essential Oil Blends and Kits for Your Physical and Mental Health to get caught up! They offer a discount code on arrival to the site.

Fun (and healthy) Gift Ideas from Twig + Petal {Stocking Stuffers!}:

Have you ever tried Twig+Petal? Let us know in the comments below, and I encourage you to try to give more than you receive!

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