The Beginner's Guide to Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

The Beginner's Guide to Mental Health Awareness

Table of Contents

*This guide originates from a short, flip-through book created by (but never published) Rose-Minded. It was titled, You're Not Crazy, and was (and still is) intended to dispel stigma and briefly explain mental health topics!


Mental Health

For more on Mental Health, see:

7 Mental Health Journal Prompts for Stress Relief

How Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health


For more on Self-Care, see:

Self-Care: Planning Ahead (free planner!)

5 Self-Care Myths

↳ Self-Care: Themed Bubble Baths

Mental Illness

For more on Mental Illness, see:

Signs & Symptoms of Depression

The Ultimate Free App for OCD

What To Do When You Have a Panic Attack


See Also: Suicide Prevention Walk | Out of the Darkness

If you ever want more information on anything mental health related, or have questions/concerns, always feel free to contact me!


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