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Updated: May 2, 2019

The following 'girly' journals will inspire newfound confidence in self-awareness, and cause a radiant glow from your blossoming mental health. Your friends, family, and peers will all notice the peaceful, yet resilient way you hold yourself when embracing life and its challenges, and all because you took the time to look out for and take care of yourself.

How can a journal do all this (especially a jaunty one, no less)? It's simple, when you choose to put yourself first and take the time to put effort, dedication, and commitment into your own mental (and physical) well-being... it shows. Your recovery is pampered, you have created room for growth in your own life which many people forget to do when attempting treatment and recovery.

Oftentimes we don't have choices in our own well-being, but the control we do have we need to take advantage of. Fine-tuning treatment for any illness or problem is important, because the more personalized a treatment program (or even a small self-care act) is, the more likely it is to benefit your health.

Check out more about jaunty journals just a little bit below, but first, more on why journaling is even considered a form of self-care! This post contains affiliate links, for more information see the disclaimer.

Journal for Self-Care

How does journaling count as self-care, and what are proper ways to journal? In previous posts I went into detail about many forms of journaling and journal prompts, so I won't repeat all of the same info here. Here's a brief review:

Journaling helps one self-reflect, and become more aware of one's own emotions and how to regulate them. It also shows origins of stress, happiness, etc. that one may not have noticed before writing about it! To see previous posts about the benefits of journaling, and specific journal prompts for mental health, check out some of the following!

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Jaunty Journals for Your Self-Confidence

My Mind's Eye

My Mind's Eye is a paper product company I discovered while trying to find new and unique notebooks and journals. On their website, I found out their party favors were featured in the white house for an event in 2016, as well as finding out they've been featured as an awesome brand in the following publications:

Stationery Trends Magazine, Belong Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, + more!

Once I saw their small but unique notebook collection, I decided these journals could not go unnoticed! Their jaunty vibes inspired me to pull out my favorite journal and work on some journal prompts I've been saving, and because my journal designs are specifically tailored to my style, I felt more cheery and self-confident right away.

If the journals/notebooks you're using right now aren't inspiring you to be your best self in 2018, with the most self-confidence and cheer you can muster, then look into My Mind's Eye's collection and see if any of these jaunty journals catch your mind's eye! Another great benefit, these journals are being sold at astonishingly-affordable prices for the designs they're offering...

Set of 3 Botanical Notebook

Set of 3 Botanical Mini Notebook

Set of 3 Botanical Mini Notebook cont.

Set of 3 Meow Mini Notebook

Set of 3 Vintage Designer Notebook

Trend Small Desk Set

The Small Desk Set contains:

1 4x4 Notepad

5 Decorative Magnets

2 Pens

6 Binder Clips

If you haven't found the right jaunty journal for you, scroll through My Mind's Eye to see all of their notebooks! Jaunty journals may also not be for everyone, therefore I've included some links below to other journal designs you may love!

Target Journals

Barnes and Noble Journals

Urban Outfitter Journals

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