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Holiday Gift Ideas That Promote Self-Care

Updated: May 2, 2019

Still unsure what to buy your family and friends as a gift this upcoming holiday season? Check out these suggestions for gifts destined to promote your loved ones' self-care!

Mental health is important for everyone, not just people with mental health disorders, and many presents are a form of self-care to the receiver anyways. Show someone you care this holiday season with an awesome self-care promoting gift!

In this post:

  • Urban Outfitters holiday gift ideas

  • Target holiday gift ideas

  • Anthropologie holiday gift ideas

  • How To Create and Gift a Self-Care Kit

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Okay this one is a little obvious, everyone loves Urban Outfitters! Their apartment section, clothing section, and beauty section are my favorite places to scroll through when I'm looking to shop online.

Here are a few self-care gift ideas from UO!

Other self-care gift ideas from Urban Outfitters:

This company always has pretty much everything. If you're like me and others I know, you walk into Target with one thing in mind and walk out with a few bags full of cute decor and new scarves. Shopping online is becoming more popular and frequent with consumers today, so shopping at Target online for gift ideas may help you save money in the long run! Check out some of the holiday self-care gift options below, and always check for online coupons! ;)

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Other self-care gift ideas from Target:

Anthropologie is another favorite of mine to check out for unique, pretty self-care products! In their 'Beauty and Wellness' section, you can find subcategories like "Bath and Body" or "The Wellness Shop". I love to browse their online store looking for new self-care ideas and the fun products people create to promote health and wellness. Check out their self-are holiday gift ideas just below.

Living With: mental health clothing brand break the stigma, stop the stigma

Other self-care gift ideas from Anthropologie:


How To Create and Gift a Self-Care Kit

Have you heard of a self-care kit, or thought about making your own? I'd definitely encourage making your own self-care kit, but what about making a self-care kit for someone else (or at least starting theirs)?

Self-care kits can come in any shape or form, because they are designed to be specifically beneficial to the person using it! So create your kit using whatever container large or small, and add or remove any of the following suggestions, as long as the kit will help you take care of yourself!

What To Include When Starting Someone Else's Self-Care Gift Kit:

1. Cute journal [Example]

2. Pencils & pens

3. Happy pictures

4. Quotes & words of encouragement [Example]

5. Lotion [Example]

6. Face mask & Eye Mask [Example]

7. Essential Oils [Example]

8. Fuzzy Socks [Example]

9. Meditation Mat [Example]

What You Could Also Add To Your Own Self-Care Kit:

  • Photos that make you happy

  • Books that make you happy

  • Poems you like to read

  • Floss

  • Snacks (not binge-worthy snacks)

  • Dried flowers

  • Other beauty/spa products

  • Add a theme to your kit!

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Are you buying someone a self-care promoting present this holiday season? Or are you wanting one, and would be willing to leave your input below for shoppers? Either way, make sure you're taking care of you and others this winter and holiday season!

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