101 Ways to Boost Your Mood Fast

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Sometimes when I get in a bad mood, or a funk, it takes me a while to brainstorm ways to break out of that bad mood. Sometimes I don't feel like trying to boost my mood when I'm in a funk, but when this becomes the case I come back to a list of things that make me happy that I created before.

Here are multiple examples of ways you can boost your mood quickly. Take down some of your favorite ideas and then create your own list of things that make you happy or boost your mood. This way you can easily motivate yourself to boost your mood and feel better as soon as possible.

As a reminder, if you have depression or other mental health disorders, finding a "quick fix" is not going to solve all your problems, as unfortunate as that is. Make sure along with the small ways to practice self-care and boost your mood, that you have long-term treatment plans in action from a mental health professional. These small ways to boost your mood are not useless for those struggling to find joy throughout the day- any step big or small is necessary for improvement and recovery.

Look through the list of 101 ways to boost your mood fast, and pick some that appeal to you! Not every single suggestion may work for you, so pick your favorites and try them out until you find some that work! This post includes affiliate links, for more information, see my disclaimer!

1. Tan, or just lay in the sun

Vitamin D is awesome when it comes to boosting moods, and the natural sun rays will give you the perfect amount. Remember to use sunscreen!

2. Drink some caffeine, if you can

Caffeine always gives me energy, and I've noticed (personally) that low energy supports bad moods. If caffeine is safe for you to drink, try some and see.

3. Call a family member

4. Eat your favorite snack

5. Walk around your favorite store

6. Start a vision board

7. Write in your journal

Writing always helps me get negative thoughts out! For some great writing suggestions, check out the 52 Mental Health Journal Prompts for Depression.

8. Catch up on homework

9. Go online shopping

10. Meditate for 15-20 minutes

11. Watch a funny TV show

12. Practice deep breathing

3 Kinds of Deep Breathing

13. Ask friends for movie suggestions

14. Listen to your favorite playlist

15. Make a new playlist!

16. Have a spa day

17. Start a new project

18. Join an online forum

19. Read a good fiction book

20. Start a new hobby

21. Go to a new part of town

22. Find an awesome self-help book

23. Plan out this week's self-care

24. Brainstorm new self-care ideas

25. Put together cute outfits

26. Organize your room

27. Decorate the cover of a notebook

28. Throw away old school papers

29. Watch an uplifting documentary

30. Pray

You can pray based on whatever religion you belong to. Praying helps me feel relaxed and comforted. If you don't pray, you can always meditate!

31. Talk to a therapist

32. Dye your hair

33. Try new makeup looks

34. Play with an animal

Whether you have a pet you can play with, a friend's pet, or a local animal shelter, animals tend to boost people's moods fast!

35. Volunteer

36. Plan a road trip

37. Set up a lunch date with a friend

38. Start a new workout routine

39. Ride/rent a bike

40. Go to the beach

41. Wake up early for the sunrise

42. Watch the sunset

43. Practice some photography

44. Write out a to-do list

45. Try to write a song

46. Use essential oils

47. Plan for the future

48. Buy a really good pen

49. Color in adult coloring books

50. Write a haiku

51. Try yoga

52. Go to a play

53. Start a blog

54. Write a book

55. Find a pen pal

56. Go to a makeup store

Have the professionals help you find the perfect lipstick color for you!

57. Get a massage

58. Go the extra mile

In school, work, or any activity, find the time to go the extra mile.

59. Have a movie marathon

60. Plan out your friends' birthday gifts

61. Write letters to people you love

You don't even have to send them, you can distribute or keep the memento for yourself!

62. Write a list of things you're grateful for

63. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers to keep in your room

64. Put on a face mask

65. Balance your finances

66. Doodle!

67. Start or work on a collection

68. Start a new board on Pinterest

69. Take fun online quizzes

70. Take a bubble bath

71. Paint your nails

72. Put coconut oil in your hair

73. Exfoliate

74. Find healthy recipes

75. Make a delicious meal or dessert

76. Buy an ice cream cone

77. Go to a farmer's market

78. Wash your bed sheets

This one always makes me feel better! Sleeping in freshly cleaned sheets feels amazing.

79. Do your eyebrows

80. Get body art

This one is a mood booster specifically for people who can and want to get body art! Make sure if you're a minor you have your parents' permission, but cute piercings or a tiny (or whatever your preference) tattoo can boost your self-esteem, and therefore your mood.

81. Get intimate

This could be with a partner, or yourself (gasp). Intimacy can definitely boost your mood!

82. Go to the gym

83. Schedule a doctor's appointment for a check-up

84. Gather some of your favorite quotes

85. Go to a library

86. Go out with friends- dinner, dancing, drinks!

87. Craft a DIY project

88. Write a bucket list

89. Compliment someone.

It could be in person, or on social media!

90. Buy a homeless person lunch

91. Buy a cute *big* water bottle

Staying hydrated will help keep your energy up, which in turn will support good moods. If you have a cute water bottle to refill, drinking water will be so much more fun!

92. Hug someone

93. Start saving money for something you want

94. Go to Target

I mean this one is obvious, Target always makes me feel better...

95. Go thrift shopping

96. Re-decorate your room

97. Paint a landscape

98. Buy a small plant for your room

99. Start a garden

Your garden could have flowers, greenery, veggies, fruits, or herbs!

100. Try to learn a new language

101. Smile

Smiling has been proven to increase your mood, even if you don't want to smile!

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