Natural Supplements For Treating Depression

Updated: May 2, 2019

Natural supplements can benefit many illnesses and health issues, but did you know they can also benefit those with depression? Read below for a list of natural supplements that can aid in relieving symptoms of clinical depression!

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1. Fish Oil & Omega 3 Fatty Acids

- major building block in optimal brain chemistry

2. B-complex Vitamins

- B3, B6, B12, & Folic Acid

- mood enhancers by helping transmit brain cell signals

3. 5-HTP (amino acid)

- converted to serotonin in the body

4. Theanine (amino acid)

- found in green tea, triggers GABA, which promotes relaxation

5. Vitamin D

- might improve neurotransmitter function

*** I have personal experience with vitamin D. I was tested a while back when I had symptoms of depression without the diagnosis yet, and I had a blood test which revealed I had a deficiency in vitamin D. Now when I take vitamin D, I definitely notice a change for the better in my mood!

6. Probiotics

- nerve cells in your gut make most of your body's serotonin, apparently more than the brain!

7. SAM-e

- helps with the synthesis of neurotransmitters

8. Turmeric

- activates genes to produce antioxidants that protect our mitochondria

9. Magnesium

- can be depleted by stress, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol

- powerful relaxation mineral

10. Melatonin

- helps insomnia (common side effect of depression)

- promotes healthy sleep, which in turn can promote better moods

11. St. John's Wort

- natural antidepressant, don't take with other antidepressants

- recommended not to take with birth control

12. Vitamin K

- can help promote healthy blood glucose levels

- research still being done on how this specifically helps depression

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