Home Decor for Stress Relief

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Even if you don't have anxiety, living with stress is unnecessary and unhealthy! Reduce those cortisol levels by redecorating your living space (whether it be your bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, studio apartment, trailer, dorm, etc.) to accommodate your mental health needs.

Take your pick from these options and get to redecorating and designing! This post may contain affiliate links from brands I use and trust, to see more information about this, visit my disclaimer!

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In order to reduce stress and anxiety in your home, make sure your color schemes are helping- and not hurting, your mental health!

Colors You Should Incorporate:


Pale Grey

Cool Blue

cool blue glassware bed bath & beyond

Grey Blue

grey blue rug bed bath & beyond


Light Pink



To avoid stress and worry, make sure your living space isn't cluttered! You can take some time out of your day or out of your week to organize your area and throw (or give) away items that cause anxiety.

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Item Appraisal

Is there something in your home that has hidden meaning to you? Have you checked recently how that meaning translates in your life? Some items may hold special meaning for people, and they keep these items for a long time. However, other times people may not notice that items being held onto may have bad memories or meanings associated with them. Keep things in your home that currently make you feel good, and check that there aren't any items in your home that give you bad feelings, or could cause an increase in stress.

Thanks for checking out the post on How To Redecorate Your Living Space to Ease Anxiety! Hopefully some of you get to decorating and check out some of the items and tips above to ease anxiety and stress. Leave a comment below if you have any tips of your own on how to decorate a living space to ease anxiety, or if you're going to try anything mentioned above!

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