9 Websites to Sell Your Used Clothing Online

Updated: May 2, 2019

Do you have a ton of clothes you want to get rid of, but before you head to Goodwill, you want to try to make a couple bucks?

9 Websites to Sell Your Used Clothing Online

Keep scrolling for a list of places to sell your clothes online!

Sell Your Used Clothing Online Using the Following Websites

Remember the commission, flat rates, selling fees, and time frames will differ for each site, so always check their selling policy if you have any concerns. This post may contain affiliate links. For an accurate description, see my Disclaimer.


This one seems a little obvious, but my mom recently started selling items on E-bay and she is making a killing! I followed in her footsteps as well, and I've made some money from selling my clothes and accessories on E-bay. This website isn't even limited to clothing, you can sell almost anything on E-bay!


Did you know you can make items and sell them on Etsy? If you make clothing, Etsy is a prime place to sell it. You can also sell your used clothing! Etsy is a great place to find unique items, and it is especially adored by crafters and savvy shoppers alike.

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The RealReal

Their products themselves are pretty cool, and you can also sell your items on their site. It's a consignment site, and they have a brief sign-up when you first enter the website, but it's quick and simple and then you can get to selling!

It's up to 90% off retail (I'm serious), and you get a 70% commission on the items that sell! It seems like a win-win to try out this site, even if you just want to shop for affordable clothing.

Cross Roads Trading

I'm not super familiar with this site, but I wanted to include options for you guys! You can sell your clothing on this site, and the company even has storefronts where you can go shopping for clothing! They are, however, only accepting certain brands with the changing seasons, so you can look at their Selling Guide to see what styles they're currently accepting!

Material World

With Material World, you just need designer clothing to sell, and they are buying. They will send you a free trade-in kit, and then you can send them your designer clothing! Make sure you check the sites policies on selling and the brands they accept!


"List an item for sale in less than 60 seconds. Shop for new and gently used items at prices up to 70% off retail." This site is very popular for shoppers and buyers, and their website is super easy to navigate. They also have an app, which makes selling your clothing super easy!

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Refashioner is more of a specialized selling and buying platform. They try to find the most unique and vintage pieces to sell, and as you'll see on their website, they are very passionate about fashion and authentic vintage pieces.


ThredUp is a really nice place to sell your clothing because they are a reseller that carries maternity clothing, plus sizes, and kids' clothing! It's nice because you can get rid of your used clothing and not be limited to some of the other sites' categories.


Tradesy has luxury clothing items and designer brands. You can shop their site for 90% off luxury brands, and when you sign up for their newsletter, you get $50 off your first purchase!

9 websites to sell your used clothing online


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