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Updated: May 2, 2019

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When I'm in need of some self-care, some me time, a Kay Day, I like to vary my routines. If I'm going to focus on my well-being, I don't want to ever find myself bored doing it. I'm sure everyone has been in this boat before, you find yourself reading the same lists of self-care ideas, but you never find yourself motivated to do them!

Instead of making another list of self-care ideas, I've decided to go in depth on some of my favorites, to actually inspire and motivate others with specific examples! Below is the example I'm using to inspire others to use bubble baths as a form of self-care. This post may contain affiliate links. For an accurate description, see my disclaimer.

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Bubble Baths

This particular form of self-care I feel like I see on a lot of self-care lists. But then you pass by it, because sure, you've taken a bubble bath before, and yes it was nice, but what's going to be special about it for my well-being?

lush bubble baths

I took a bubble bath today, specifically for my mental health. I'm going to explain a little bit of personal info just below, but if you're just looking to get down to business, then scroll until you see the next pink line!

The past couple of days have been extremely stressful. I've been moving all of my belongings and (heavy) furniture out of my (upstairs) apartment, cleaning the apartment so we get most of our deposit back, trying to juggle work, getting shifts covered, moving Morty to Bakersfield with me for a week, scheduling my volunteering shifts around my weird moving dates, etc. etc.

So not only am I mentally exhausted from a stressful couple of days, I'm so sore. I haven't worked out in way too long to admit on the internet, so let's just say my body was a little confused and is now taking out its anger on me after the move.

I found an old Lush bath bomb that I hadn't used before (probably because my old shower didn't double as a bath tub very well), and since I'm staying in Bakersfield until I can move into my new house, I have a bathtub!

I'll include the links for my favorite beauty products I used during this self-care bubble bath, because half of the fun is finding all your best-smelling products and pampering yourself.

lush bath bomb

The theme of this Self-Care Bubble Bath is Pink.

Pink as a color makes me really happy I've noticed, so I like to incorporate it into my life, and that can include my self-care!

Pick a theme for your bubble bath, to make it a unique experience from a regular old bath, and include things that make you happy! This way, the bath setting itself can be a way to practice self-care.

I started with my Lush bath bomb; if I can find the exact one on their website I'll link it here. It was pink, sparkly, and shaped like a rose (of course right).

If you can find a bath bomb from Lush that you love, I'd recommend theirs because they are all-natural and so creatively fun! If not, a bath bomb with your favorite scent will do the trick, or even soap for bubble baths! My bath bomb turned my bath into a bubble bath, so hopefully yours does too!

Next, I grabbed a book.

how to be parisian wherever you are

I picked a fun read, but sometimes I'm in the mood for poetry or deeper writing. How to be Parisian Wherever You Are is such a fun, glamorous, and interesting read, so it was perfect for my self-care!

beauty flatlay

I took my book with me in the bath, but if you're afraid you might drop it, there are plenty of bath tables available for the dedicated but cautious bathers!

bathroom flatlay

I put on a face mask, the same one I talked about in my Ultimate Guide to Facial Serums!

By now my bath bomb had turned my bath pretty pink, and when I added more warm water, I got bubbles!

Setting up your bubble bath to your own preferences allows you to feel more happy, comfortable, and relaxed while you're practicing good self-care!

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If you have any other forms of self-care you want to share, leave them in the comments below to inspire and motivate others! Here's what you need to remember when trying to practice unique self-care:

practice unique self-care

Making your bubble bath themed and personalized to your own preferences, will make your self-care so much more effective. Feel free to share to help others with their self-care!

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