7 Reasons Psychology Is A Promising Major

Updated: May 2, 2019

7 reasons psychology is a promising major in 2017

Is Psychology a good major in 2019? Is Psychology a promising major? To answer simply, yes, it is. I have 7 reasons why Psychology is one of the most promising majors in 2018!

Reason 1) Psychology is a great major any year!

Did you know that psychology in recent years has been the most popular majors? Now this may scare some people off, thinking there will be no jobs available in the field. But- it's also well-known that the healthcare field will need to expand in the future, and mental health is becoming more and more important to the "average Joe". But- not to worry if mental health isn't your forte. Psychology has many many branches, including sports, organizational (companies/businesses), and even music! To be a psych major, you don't even have to like people that much! All you need is an interest in the mind, human behavior, or even neuroscience & medicine!

Reason 2) Psychology means your job field will never get boring.

Do people ever stop ceasing to amaze us? No, and studying them for your career, studying their mind and its different aspects, could never get boring- but I would warn this path is only for those who are endlessly curious! You need to love knowledge, and you need to be flexible yet cautious while determining which cases and evidence appear to be empirical, and which ones actually are. If you become a Psych professor, do you think a new class of college-aged students wanting to learn everything they can about the mind will ever be boring? Hasn't been so far in any of my college psychology classes!

Reason 3) 2019 seems to promise a very interesting future...

With everything in the recent news lately, it looks like the world is getting crazier and people are getting stupider (no offense, or maybe just some). This will be an interesting year to observe different kinds of people with diverse experiences and perspectives! And what happens in 2019 will of course affect the future; this just seems like a good field to be in at this time...

Reason 4) As more chaos occurs, there will be more people who need psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers.

As awful as this sounds, there will always be mental illness, always stressors/challenges in life, and always natural chaos we as humans have no control over. As someone who is studying psychology, I don't see this as just opportunity, I also see it as incentive to help people by being a part of this field. People will always need experts in the field of their mind, and research always needs to be done.

Reason 5) Psychology majors get to observe, interpret, and respond to details about human behavior and the mind.

Imagine going through life understanding concepts about yourself and others that the general population isn't aware of. I understand that statement could pertain to a lot of subjects, but psychology helps you understand a wide spectrum of human behavior. You're then allowed to use your knowledge to improve your every day life, too.

Reason 6) Your brain won't melt from studying.

Wait- LISTEN HERE SCOFFING PSYCH MAJORS. This isn't because I attend easy classes or don't ever do work. I'm comparing this field to fields that require a lot of tedious, monotonous, and sometimes brain-melting work. If you're passionate about psychology, then the lectures, reports, essays, exams, data analysis and statistics, scholarly articles, case studies, literature reviews, APA, endless unwanted personal discovery, etc. will be new and exciting (for the most part, I don't know one person who loves and is fascinated by every psychology topic known to man).

Reason 7) The world is changing fast and it's good to have an "inside perspective".

What I mean by "inside perspective", is that psychology majors have a deeper understanding of human behavior, attitude, emotion, body language, microexpressions, learning, memory, cognitive processes, and an ever-growing knowledge of the human brain and its plasticity. People, technology, cultures, and societal norms change throughout the years, so it's helpful to have a deeper knowledge of yourself and others while interpreting the world around you.

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