Las Vegas Shooting: Positivity in a Dark Time

Last night, Sunday October 1st, there was a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival near the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wanted to share my condolences, and also provide hope to those who don't see any during this very dark time.

las vegas mass shooting

I want to give my condolences to the families that lost someone in this attack. The world is chaotic and doesn't make sense at times, and the loss of someone you love is a tragedy only time and support can heal. To those who were injured or know someone who was, I also want to share my condolences, as innocent lives being harmed seems like an unimaginable horror.

To those who are confused, shocked, worried, scared, and upset, I want to give hope.

I was watching something on TV in my living room last night, when my roommate told me to pause it. I did, and he told me there was an active and ongoing shooting in Las Vegas. We were both horrified as we watched videos of masses of people running from gunfire, and as we read posts from family and friends who knew someone attending the concert.

There was no way I was going to sleep easily that night. I felt guilty going to bed safely, while there were people in Vegas hiding for their lives. It didn't make any sense to me, and I felt intense anxiety about the stability of this country and world.

Was there something I could do? How could I help, and what would happen next?

I awoke this morning with sadness in my heart, yet I awoke with a determination I wasn't expecting. There is still hope in this chaotic world, this doesn't have to be a hell on Earth if we don't let it.

Positivity in a Dark Time

Here's what we can do as confused civilians during these dark times:

☮ Focus on the now. Who can you call and check up on? Who can you lend a helping hand of support to that may need it during this time?

☮ Don't give in to hatred. During these chaotic moments, not many people know what's really going on, especially very soon after the attack. Wait for the correct information, don't make assumptions (or at least public assumptions), and hold on to your humanity.

☮ Don't believe everything you hear. There will be many fake articles, false stories created by media, and opinions circulating. Make sure you are listening/reading credible sources and waiting for solid information.

☮ Don't give in to fear. Fear is the response from civilians motivating attackers, so do not give in to their desires. Make their attempts useless, make their attempts void of any meaning, don't give them the response they want. I understand it is a scary time, and a scary situation, but try your hardest to be courageous and hopeful.

☮ Respond with positivity and hope. Be even nicer to people, be compassionate towards strangers, ask how the quiet kid in class is doing, and be a light in this darkness. We the people will keep the world, not give it away to the monsters who aim to take it.

Thank you for reading- please share with friends and family to spread light, positivity, and hope during these difficult and confusing moments.



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