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I've been going online swim suit shopping recently (is it swim suit or bathing suit?), and I wanted swimwear that was going to be unique and not seen 400 times on the same beach. So I did some digging around on the world wide web... and found some unique swimwear items that will be super new to the beaches and pool parties this summer 2017!

different bikinis

I chose California-inspired because California beaches are arguably the best beaches. I live on the Central Coast of California and I am in love with my location and even prefer Northern and Central California to Southern California!

(If you strongly disagree let me know in the comments below, I'd love to see the sections of CA that people prefer)


California inspired fashion and travel

For anyone not from California, we don't call it 'Cali'. Everyone outside of California calls it Cali (or so I've heard), and no one in California calls it Cali. Just so you can sound like a real local ;)

Here are just a few of the CA-inspired swimwear options that are not only flattering, not crazy expensive (some, depending on your budget), and not going to make you look like every other college girl by the pool or on the beach this summer!

1) Waterfront Flaunt Swimsuit in Nature

mod cloth

This bikini is nice because it gives you the trendy high-waisted vintage look, but the mint and nature pattern are unique and will definitely make you stand out on the beach, but not because of bright colors. The suit will build your confidence with it's flattering shape and cut and definitely define you as unique, because not just everyone is willing to rock the vintage look.

waterfront flaunt swimsuit in nature

2) PrettyLittleThing Metallic Crochet Bikini

Here's another unique bikini that combines two opposing trends right now. Metallic bikinis are fighting crochet bikinis as the hottest swimwear trend, and so this suit perfectly combines the two to give you the best of both worlds. The color is rusty... so you can look natural and glowing while you tan poolside, or on the beach.

3) River Island Longline Lace Bikini

This bikini I would say is one of the sexiest on this list. If you want to go out and be lacy and delicate and cute, check out this lace bikini. At first glance it looks like a lace bralette, but once you realize it's swimwear you'll be falling in love. The romantic cut and soft details are tailored for romance under-the-sun.

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4) ASOS Corset Cupped Mesh Insert Longline Bikini

Here is your party swimwear. I mean technically you could wear any of these suits to a party, but the black mesh corset bikini is something so unique, you'll be getting compliments all day (or night!). You can dress it up for a party with a cute cover up and sandals, or you could dive right

into the ocean and get mistaken for a sexy mermaid.

5) Billabong No Worries One Piece Swimsuit

ASOS swimwear

Here is another vintage style that I think will be so freakin' cute on the beach this summer. I love white and pink, and vertical stripes are always flattering. The one piece design makes it unique as well because the light colors (one pieces have more fabric) will make you look tan! I desperately need to tan so I don't know about you guys but this one is going to save me on my pale days.

billabong swimwear

6) A Vote for the Cove Swimsuit

This bikini is for those whom vintage isn't really your favorite style for swimwear. It has a geo pattern and cute shoulder cut-outs to flatter any shape. The black and white design allows you to add a pop of color if you're making your swimwear an outfit to the beach or pool party!

7) Black crochet stripe high neck string bikini

The high neck bikini and its bright colors give this suit a California-vibe that will make you look like a total beach babe. Pair it with shorts and a flowy, light cardigan for a nice walk on the pier or boardwalk!

high neckline bikinis
cool shaped bikinis
geometric patterned bikini

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