20 Strange Facts About Kay

This post seems a little conceited and I definitely feel conceited writing it, but it's a fun idea that I've seen and so I thought I would do a fun little post on 20 strange facts about myself! I gave 5 as a preview on Instagram, but here are all 20!

1) I used to have a pet albino snake named Lionis.

(I had to give him away when I moved)

2) One time I lit a bathroom on fire on accident...

(Yes, it was on accident)

3) I've traveled to about eight different countries.

(Italy, Spain, Croatia, UK, France, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean)

4) I study micro expressions in my free time.

5) I'm trained in aiding with a mental health crisis.

6) I've never gotten detention.

7) I chose SLO over Hawaii, because I love California.

8) I rarely visit my hometown of Bakersfield.

9) I am related to King Henry IV, who was loved by France.

(He got married in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and I've been there!! Too bad I'm related to the mistress he slept with, whose son was thrown in jail later)

10) I used to make my own candles.

(Maybe I will start again)

11) I've never gotten a brain freeze.

12) I've been to the hospital for emergencies twice now, both times not good experiences (lol).

13) My last name is Finnish, and it means 'swimmer'. I did just find out recently that I am only a very small percentage of Finnish.

(I also was a pretty good swimmer in high school)

14) I've won poetry awards and had poems published.

15) I'm pretty good at surfing, but I've only tried surfing twice.

16) My eyes are actually more grey than they are blue, but they reflect the sky in natural lighting.

17) I've worked at a bar, a boutique, a classic Italian restaurant, an old coffee shop, a candy store, and a fro-yo and acai shop.

18) Morty was named after the show Rick and Morty.

19) I don't know if I want to get married, and I know no matter what my relationship status is I want to adopt a child.

20) I'm actually friends with many of the homeless people in San Luis Obispo.



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