20s Bucket List

Twenties Bucket List

I knew I needed to make a bucket list for my 20s, and not just the age 20, all my 20s. I have 10 years to complete this bucket list, because I just turned 20 less than a month ago! Here is my official 20s bucket list!

1) Get Morty a friend.

Not now- do not worry family lol. Eventually in my later 20s I am thinking, I would love to get another dog (not a fresh out-of-the-womb puppy again) so that Morty can have a friend to play with when he gets bored!

2) Grow my blog to make an impact.

I'm hoping eventually I can build my blog to be a successful inspiration for people, not that it isn't successful now. My blog has exceeded expectations for a new blog, but I'm hoping to continue it and help it grow as I go through my 20s.

3) Focus on writing.

Writing has always been a huge hobby for me. Not many people know because I would write in journals, school notes, or any other place I could. But because I am focusing on being my authentic self, I'm going to pursue writing as a hobby again, except this time I will prioritize it and not conceal the fact that I love to write.

4) Go on a sister road trip.

Hopefully my sister and I can find some time within the next 10 years (lol) to plan a road trip together!

5) Road trip to Seattle.

I've been wanting to plan a road trip to Seattle for a long time now. I have an old friend who goes to college in Washington and I would love to see him again! Also, Seattle is really cool...

6) Get AA-T in Psychology, then a BA, then Graduate School.

I'm currently working to transfer from Cuesta College, and then eventually I will go on to graduate school to get a higher degree in psychology.

7) Volunteer wherever I live.

I want to continue to volunteer for my community, whatever community that may be.

8) Go back to Paris.

I am French, in fact I'm actually related to King Henry IV. I would love to visit Paris again now that I know some more about my heritage and explore the city more in depth!

9) Explore more.

I want to go on more hikes, visit more beaches, and road trip when I have free time. Morty would come along and I just feel that your 20s is a good time to really experience new surroundings.

10) Learn French or Italian (or both).

I've tried learning Italian, but I lost the introduction book with all the basics, but I would love to learn French or Italian. I am both French and Italian, so that would be pretty cool to speak one of/both of those languages.

11) Save money.

I'm going to try to save a certain amount from each paycheck, for emergencies and also for when I plan trips and move, etc.

12) Make genuine friends.

I'm going to be focusing on quality, not quantity.

13) Satisfy search for psychology knowledge.

Kind of impossible, as I will be continuously learning for the rest of my life, but I'm going to make it a priority to always be seeking out knowledge on the topics I'm passionate about, psychology being one of the most important.

14) Make home decor a priority.

I have never been very into making my home/apartment/etc. a very aesthetically-pleasing area, and I want to try to decorate my living spaces throughout my 20s!

15) Learn how to keep my room organized.

My room is messy, my car is messy, my life is messy. I am a chaotic person when it comes to organization. Some aspects of my life are organized, but most aren't, and my room needs serious help.

16) Live in the present more.

I want to stop worrying about my future, and obsessing over my past. I want to learn to enjoy the moment and day that I am in and leave it at that.

17) Make a difference involving homelessness.

This goal on my bucket list will be tricky, and it's vague. I don't have any immediate plans, but this is something close to my heart that needs involvement from everyone to fix the problem.

18) Learn how to cope/feel better with depression.

This will also be a tricky one, because this will take my entire life's effort to constantly be tending to issues that depression will bring. But if I keep it in the back of my mind (not the front or it will influence my emotions), I can keep a healthy observation of my depression and keep it in check.

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19) Take care of my body.

I have treated my body like crap for a majority of my teenage years, and so in my 20s I would love to not harm my body and make sure that I am focusing on being healthy and active, not "skinny" or obsessing over flaws. This will be hard for me, but I am determined to at least try.

20) Surround myself with the people who love me most.

The people who love you most will take the best care of you, will always have your back, and will never make you feel alone. I've surrounded myself with people who care about me, and people who don't. From now on, I only want the people who truly love me for who I am to surround me and be involved in my life.

So this is my 20's bucket list! I encourage everyone to make a bucket list for a specific part of your life, it puts everything into perspective and it gives you the most important things you need to focus on. It also helps you realize a little bit, who you are and what matters to you. If you have a bucket list I'd love for you to share it with me, such as tagging me in it if it's public or email it to me through my contact page! Also, share this post and get inspired/inspire others for their 20s!

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