5 Perks of Not Knowing

I came up with recently, 5 ways I think it's a good thing that a lot of us are so in the dark about our lives, futures, etc. Some people hate it (aka formerly me), but I've learned that not knowing is the most exciting and opportunistic way to live. Sure if you have plans, know what goals you plan to reach, have money saved, or just feel sure of your future in some distinctive way, then that is wonderful! Knowing is not a bad thing, but knowing and being unsure seem to fight over which one is acceptable in people's lives, and so I'm just here to bring to light some of the positives of having a wide-open future.

5 perks of not knowing

1) Your present is not affected.

Not knowing your future or whatever definitive path you feel you need to be following (or at least aware of), allows you to fully appreciate the present! Not knowing gives you the freedom to enjoy the time you are in now, because whether you have a plan for the future or not, the present will turn into the past despite your decision to take advantage of it.

2) You may have stress- but you don't need to.

The amount of people on the Earth right now who know exactly what their future will hold is a whopping 0. All the people that have lived on this Earth didn't get to choose a path out of 20 easy options displayed before them and get to be 100% sure of themselves for the rest of their lives. Every single human is basically walking through fog until the weather chooses to clear up, so don't stress over something that you have the same control of as the weather.***

***This is a disclaimer saying that this point isn't to not plan or just let life slap you in the face all the time, people have control and decisions they have to make. This is just to represent the point of not stressing over the future or worrying about things you can't control!

3) You could get a chance at a fresh start.

Some people have a past they wish they could escape or forget, and others are unhappy with their present circumstances. But the good news is the future could hold anything! You get the opportunity to make it into anything you want, and you don't have to assume it will be negative because honestly- who knows? Look to the unknown as a chance to restart and renew. You can also do this by checking out my theory of the Subjective Unknown, and maybe gain insight that can benefit your present or future. I know when I moved I wasn't happy with my current circumstances, and I didn't know what would be waiting for me in SLO, but I got to make it my own and create a new life for myself!

4) Your limited opportunities could increase.

As humans, we know we are all limited in multiple ways. No one is perfect, and everyone has limited knowledge, even the smartest people in the world don't know everything. So let's say there's an opportunity you're not even currently aware of, and it pops up somewhere without your previous knowledge of it, and you are like thank goodness for spontaneity and the fascinating world we live in, because things like this do happen! You don't need to constantly be worried about your future career, schooling, relationships, location, etc. because who knows what will arise in the future for you. A healthy amount of concern is best, but too much worry is excessive.

5) You won't be this person forever.

It's funny how we often assume people we used to know are exactly the same as the time in which we knew them, which is rarely the case. The perks of not knowing means you don't know who you will grow into, which is exciting and healthy. This means you can work on yourself without any preconceptions of who you should be. Look forward to the day when you like yourself more and more! This didn't happen for me (and I wasn't sure in the past that it would) until I moved and got settled into my new life and familiarized myself with what was previously the unknown. Now I really believe I am a totally different person than who I was. I have matured tremendously, gained a love and passion for knowledge, and took action on my desire to help others. I've become a confident and self-aware person, something I wouldn't have guessed before. This is why not knowing who you will be is a perk, because hopefully that means you will understand you have some growing to do and seek active change.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I really liked this topic because it's so positive and it made me feel good writing it. I hope it can ease someone's worries or problems with having uncertainty, and if it helps you or you enjoyed the post please like, comment, or share so others can ease their doubts! I'd love to hear from you, so please contact me here if you have any feedback or questions, and I encourage everyone to make the most out of this week!


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