20 Things I Learned Before I Turned 20

20 things I learned before I turned 20

I'm turning 20 tomorrow, on April 16th. No, my birthday isn't always on Easter, but this year it is and this year I am leaving my teens behind. 19 is such a weird age because you're an adult but still a teenager? Anyways, 19 was an interesting year for me, probably the most eventful year of my humble 2 decades on this earth. I'm considering doing a post on experiencing hardships from my personal experiences, so let me know or comment below if that'd be something you'd like to see! I've decided to briefly list 20 things I've learned over my 20 years, and I believed I've learned the most in the past year.

  1. When you study something in school that you love, it doesn't feel like studying at all.

  2. Focusing on quality of friends over quantity of friends makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

  3. That small amount of weight that's bothering you is less important than you think it is. It might even go away if you stopped worrying about it so much.

  4. Don't choose guys who can't make up their minds, fear commitment, or lack trust and communication.

  5. Only surround yourself with people who truly love the real you (even if that does sound cheesy and cliche), because those are the people that will make your life the best.

  6. Make friends with all types of people, it makes you feel more included in the world, gives you good perspective, and adds culture to your life.

  7. Don't go through a rebel phase just because you can; it helped me learn a lot, but there are easier ways people!!!

  8. Hang out with people who understand that differences in language, culture, appearance, personality, and even intelligence, are what make the world such an interesting and cool place.

  9. It's okay to have good days and bad days.

  10. Starting over is not as easy as it seems. It takes work, but it is 100% worth it.

  11. Asking for help is not weak. Letting people in is not weak.

  12. It's okay to say how you feel or what you mean, even if you know it's not going to be accepted well.

  13. Make time for self-care, even if it makes you feel selfish.

  14. Find something you love and are really passionate about, and figure out how to make a difference. The fulfillment you get will be unlike anything else, and the world needs it.

  15. There really still are people that drug girls, do not trust people that haven't earned it.

  16. Some people will just not like you, no matter how nice you are.

  17. The funniest people in life are the people that don't take life too seriously.

  18. Let all the small things go. This one took me a while, it's still a process...

  19. You really realize how different real life is from high school. In high school everyone is fake, in the real world is where you find the freedom to be genuine.

  20. Not one person is perfect. You've GOT to learn how to forgive or the world will just feel smaller and smaller until you feel isolated. Forgive every single person, big mistakes and small. You don't have to forget, you don't have to keep toxic people close or even in your life, but always forgive everyone.

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