7 Ways to Stay Effortlessly Genuine

Have you ever felt like being yourself was the hardest thing to be? If you know you don't want to just follow the crowd, create unoriginal works, or seem insincere, then hopefully this article can help you! Read on to discover the 7 truly important ways you can reflect your originality and be effortlessly genuine. This post may contain affiliate links. For an accurate description, see my disclaimer.

7 ways to stay effortlessly genuine


Get out of the Social Media Mindset


Until you relinquish all of the previous judgments you believe other people may make on your social media posts, you will never truly reflect and share who you are on social media. Post whatever you want, is what I'm saying. People recognize and appreciate originality, and if you're posting what you think will get the most likes or comments, then you aren't being as genuine as hoping for as many likes and comments and posting what you like anyways.


Force Yourself


I know that title doesn't sound promising, but just trust me. I couldn't be genuine with myself because I wasn't prioritizing the right things. I was doing everything I thought I should be doing, living the way I thought I should be living, etc. To a certain degree these things are important and healthy! But if you're suppressing the activities that make you happy for what you think should make you happy, then you aren't being genuine. Force yourself against your perception of the norm and be completely genuine.


Don't Fake Emotions


If you aren't feeling good one day, you don't always have to be on your A-game. When you are struggling it is okay to admit to yourself and people close to you that you are. Don't dwell on your negative emotions for too long, but acknowledge them so you can cope effectively and move past them.


Focus on the Journey


One thing that I've always found to be important, is focusing on your journey, and not the destination. I always felt confused about this saying because I thought, "what's the point of the journey if you don't keep the destination in mind?" But once I read the poem Ithaka, written by my favorite poet Constantine Cavafy, I understood. I included a link to the poem if you're interested in reading it; it will really clarify the importance of appreciating and taking advantage of your journey, while still keeping your final destination in mind.


Stay Attentive in Interactions


Some people listen in conversations only to reply. Do not be this person. Be the person that is truly interested and informed in the other's words, not just someone who is waiting for the other person to finish so they can start talking. Conversations are for you to learn, and maybe help someone else learn, but to truly be engaged you need to focus on the other person, not your own thoughts. This, in turn, will actually benefit you in the end because you will have new knowledge and others will appreciate you for it.


Don't Fear Failure


Do not be the person that doesn't try because they are afraid of judgement or failure. In order for anything to get done, you must at least try. I wouldn't have started my blog if I didn't get past my fear of judgement and failure, and running a blog is now my new favorite passion and I've gotten so much positive feedback, I don't know why I didn't start sooner. This blog makes me feel genuine and I get to experiment with myself and my ideas, and that's something I want for everyone. It may not be creating a blog that inspires you, but don't let fear of judgement from others and fear of failure from your actions stop you from pursuing your passions.


Be Patient With Yourself


Creating yourself is a process, it is not a one-step action plan. Discovering your true self is not an overnight-feat, so be patient with your journey to be effortlessly genuine. It will take some effort at first if you're not already there, but the point of being effortlessly genuine is finding your true self (which takes effort) so you won't have to exert any effort in being genuine ever again. This is why the journey as stated in number 4 is so important, because the journey will create your ideal destination in this case.




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