Puppy's First Walk

Last post about Morty was his introduction post. This particular post is documenting Morty's first "walk" and how he apparently felt about it.

We haven't been able to let Morty go outside because he was too young, and had only gotten one set of shots, but he's noticeably bigger than in the introduction post, so we felt he needed to expend his energy and at least get used to outside and being on a leash. Also, we are getting his shots in a few days!

Morty has been getting more and more energetic (sometimes annoying) but he's just very goofy and playful. He's actually really smart too, he's developing so fast, aka proud-mommy-moment (from here on out abbreviated as PMM because I just know I will be using that phrase a lot).

So to begin, Morty has not appreciated his collar very much, nor did he enjoy being on a leash. In fact at first he went crazy trying to get out of it and I had to calm him down a little because I think he was freaked out, but anyways; we (Conner and I) had to carry him down the stairs of our apartment building because he's still too small and I don't want him falling or anything. As soon as we set him down on the sidewalk (I checked, coast sidewalks are not the same as edge of the valley sidewalks- they're much cooler) he was done with everything. He was not havin' it.

He tried to climb back up my leg like he likes to do sometimes, and he refused to be moved. He was pulling backwards and trying to get out of his collar, and if we tried to pull him he would sit and get dragged along by his butt. I picked him up since our main goal was just introducing him to the experience, and carried him to the skate park by my apartment.

golden rottie puppy

I set him down and he continued to do the same thing. We decided to stay for a while, just letting him cautiously sniff around and avoiding picking him up.

Puppy's First Walk

scared puppy

Morty wanted to stay under my legs if he wasn't trying to climb up them. I had to stand up and walk a few steps away from him, which he then proceeded to follow me and attempted to climb once again.

clingy puppies

He gave up and decided to sit with his back up against a corner lol.

handsome rottweiler

So, after Morty had gotten tired of sitting and doing nothing, he turned around and saw these two skateboarders skating. He then became intrigued.

curious puppy

puppy at the skate park

I had been letting him watch for a little bit, while Conner and I just kind of stood and watched him. Then the two guys called over and asked if they could pet him, which Conner and I said UM YEAH. Here is the order of events that excited Morty and filled his lil' heart with joy.

Bubba was so happy after that. He still refused to walk but he got to go outside and make some friends which is really new and exciting to him.

After he got home he passed out. He is still dead asleep a couple hours after his "walk".

Thanks for reading my second post documenting Morty's life! As always if you have any questions contact me here or message me on Instagram @kayuimari. You can also follow Morty's own Instagram @mortythedoge. I appreciate all comments, likes, and shares that my posts receive so thank you all! I will leave you with Morty saying goodbye:

cutest puppy ever


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