Getting a Puppy: Meet Morty

getting a puppy

I've been talking about making a post on my new puppy for a couple weeks, but I needed those weeks to gather content to write about! I'll explain the story of how I got a puppy, what he's like, and how the first couple weeks have been. It's been a big change, but we've (my roommate/cousin- Conner) been blessed with a puppy who sleeps well and loves people. Before I continue, his name is Morty, and he is the love of my life and my new best friend.

The story of how we got him:

I was at home on my laptop a few hours before I had to go to work, and Conner and his girlfriend (Kayla-ironic lol) were hanging out at the beach in Pismo. They decided to visit the pet store, to pet the puppies before they came back to our apartment. I received a picture of Conner holding a puppy, one whom Kayla had seen first and immediately wanted to hold. I replied, "I want that dog, get him."

He didn't believe that I was serious, and it took some convincing to get him to stay at the pet store until I had finished speeding over there, but he believed me once I walked into the store and said "I'd like to get that dog." Conner had been talking about wanting a puppy or dog for months, saying he needed one because it would motivate us to get exercise, take more responsibility about the cleanliness of our apartment, and to improve our moods. I always said no, that we both wouldn't have enough time for a dog, and we shouldn't attempt to use a dog to boost our responsibility because what if it didn't work? Also, our apartment doesn't allow dogs...


We picked out some essentials to bring home with him as I worked out the method of payment (Conner and I split the cost which is affordable when split 50/50). I took the stuff home in my car, and Kayla held the puppy while Conner drove them home. We loved him because he was snuggly- he didn't bark or whimper, and he was so tiny and cute. We set up a crate with a bed, a hamster water bottle on the crate and a bowl of food, potty-pads, toys, etc. He had already had his first shot and deworming, and when we got him he was only 8 weeks old and 8 pounds. He's 75% Rottweiler and 25% Golden Retriever, so yes he is perfect.


"I want that dog, get him."

The problem of having him in an apartment where no pets are allowed, was solved by registering him as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). There are laws that protect ESAs from being charged living in no-pet housing, and they cannot be kicked out of no-pet housing. ESAs also can't be refused housing in new no-pet housing, and another perk (which I don't think I'll ever use) is they can fly with you for free! They're allowed in most public places, even stores, unless the store has good reason to not allow pets.


First week (or two):

The first week was interesting because as he was a snuggly and quiet pup, he quickly got accustomed to his new environment and owners, and his true personality began to form. He is by no means a trouble-maker, but he is teething, so he likes to bite e v e r y t h i n g. He bites us, he bites the blankets, his toys, our clothes, his crate, his bed, any shoes left out, and hair. Most of the time it's a light, playful bite and won't cause any pain or damage, but sometimes he gets a little excited and actually bites.

We're in the process of training him and we're making slow but steady progress. He's now 10 weeks, and potty training is the other issue we are "patiently" dealing with. Sometimes it seems as though he knows he's supposed to go on the potty-pad, others, he seems to not care. We have great stain remover and clean everything within minutes, so the apartment doesn't smell and there are no stains, but potty training is no easy feat. He's a smart dog and is learning as he goes, but I am definitely excited for when this stage is over.

rottweiler puppy

His first bath was hilarious. He does not like baths AT ALL. I wash him with a pet-approved lavender wash, and he feels so good and looks happy after the bath, but during he is shaking and terrified. He loves to be held, and it was easy at 8 pounds, but he has gained a few since we've gotten him, and now I have to switch arms every 10-15 minutes.

puppy takes a bath

I take him on walks with me to the skate park a few minutes from my apartment. Because he hasn't gotten all his shots yet, I can't set him down or let him play with other dogs yet, but people pet him and he likes to look around. The first time he was terrified, but now he's confident and likes to observe everything. He gets so many compliments, I will actually have cars stop and tell me how cute he is, which is awesome because he really is the cutest dog ever (completely unbiased of course). But, Conner was right. The responsibility I've acquired just having him for a short period of time is incredible. Every ounce of me wants to make sure he is completely taken care of, and I also have the motivation to keep the apartment clean to keep us all healthy, and make sure nothing is left out to chew on or eat. Once I can walk him and take him on adventures, I will definitely get more than enough exercise!

puppy in a hat

How he got his name:

His name is Morty. We struggled with what to name him for a few hours after we got him because we wanted it to be cute, but also a little funny. We tried to think of TV show characters we could name him after, we thought about Brain from Family Guy, but decided against it because it didn't really sound like a good dog name. We ended up with Morty, because Conner and I love the show Rick and Morty. It fits him well because he's a little goofy, and we have so many nicknames for him that Morty just seems like another one of them.

playful puppy

Rick and Morty

How much he loves to play:

Morty is super playful. We thought he was just snuggly, but now we realize he is way more playful than he is snuggly (although he does always want to sit in my lap).

Puppy snuggles

Puppy love

funny puppies

puppy mom

playful puppy

Morty does have his own Instagram (lol) and it's @Mortythedoge. We'll be posting about him growing up, and if you have a puppy, I'd love to hear from you about how you survived the first couple puppy weeks! I'd love it if you contacted me and shared your experience, or even if you just have any questions about Morty! I'm going to try to do a weekly story on him, so everyone can experience him growing up and all his adventures. Soon we'll be able to go exploring with him and that will be SO fun.

Thanks for reading!


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