13 Websites Guaranteed to Boost Your Mood

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

13 Websites Guaranteed to Boost Your Mood

Don't get me wrong, Rose-Minded is a great resource guaranteed to boost your mood! We don't mean to toot our own horn though, so below are 13 other websites you need to visit if you're looking for positive vibes, mental health resources, and a supportive community. Head to any of the following sites and check out their mood-boosting content! You're guaranteed to leave the website feeling a little better.

Social media, websites, and the internet, in general, can all have positive and negative impacts on our mental health and well-being. Social media has transformed the way we communicate and can be beneficial in some aspects, but it can also have a negative impact on mental health, exacerbating feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Head to SoCal Sunrise to learn more about how social media impacts your mental health!

1. Teen Mental Health

Teen mental health, resources and statistics, mental health blog

Teen Mental Health has a specific goal: to educate and provide accurate resources for teenagers struggling with their mental health. Their site provides plenty of research and tools for those looking to improve their mental health, from pre-teens at the age of 12 to young adults up to 25 years old.

Teen Mental Health offers a toolbox for specific resources, dedicated to individual disorders and age groups. Most of their resources are free of charge, so take advantage of their mood-boosting e-books!

- Family Resource Pack (15 resources)

- Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide (Version 3)

2. Huffington Post Good News

Huffington post good news, happiness blog

The Huffington Post is a news sharing website, consistently spreading breaking news all over the internet. News can sometimes bring our moods down, so Huffington Post had a great idea to prevent this!

They created a page on their website, dedicated to good news only. This is perfect for those who want to know the news, but may be in a sensitive place or need extra mood-boosting resources! Check out a couple of their articles below.

- Photos From National Puppy Day Will Help You Escape The News Cycle Of Doom

- Introducing The Good Kind

3. Healthy Place

Healthy place, depression quotes, mental health blog, self-help website

Healthy Place is another great website to visit when you need to improve your mood. It offers tons of resources, mental health support, and mental health disorder information. You can take psychological tests, find mental health quotes, and read mental health articles.

Healthy Place focuses on wellness, scientifically-proven treatment, and mental health education. Their site offers plenty of helpful information that will definitely help you boost your mood!

Check out Healthy Place here

4. SOS Safety Magazine

SOS safety magazine, dealing with mental illness, teen mental health, tips and resources

Rose-Minded had the wonderful opportunity to write for SOS Safety Mag, you can read the post below. SOS Safety Mag has resources for teens struggling with bullying, substance abuse (drugs & alcohol), mental health disorders, and suicidal thoughts.

Browse their site for hundreds of articles about tough conversations, written by people with experience. SOS Safety Mag also has a yearly $5,000 scholarship they award to teens dedicated to building safer communities.

- 5 Simple Tricks to Becoming Rejection-Proof

- How I Cope With Mental Illness as a Busy Student (written by Rose-Minded)

5. Rise Up For You

Rise up for you, empowering women, lifestyle blogs, mental health blogs

Rise Up For You is a little different than the other websites listed. This site is specifically for empowering women in their daily lives, including wellness, careers, school, relationships, finance, mental health, and more!

Rose-Minded was a contributor on Rise Up For You, writing the article 15 Essential Oils That Ease Anxiety & Stress. Also check out their Empowered Women Rise Conference!

6. Mental Pod

The mental illness happy hour podcast, lifestyle podcast, mental health podcast

The Mental Pod is new to me, I just recently found the website and love it. They are a mental health podcast that normalizes mental illness. Guests come on the show and speak to comedian, Paul Gilmartin, who opens the conversation about mental illness and tries to provide hope for those who feel lost or alone.

Take a look at their Listener Favorites and listen to a few that interest you!

7. Ivory and Pine

Therapy 101, therapy resources, ivory and pine, mental health blog, best wellness bloggers

If you've been looking to live more intentionally, set goals, or just improve your mental health, Ivory and Pine may be for you! They offer goal-setting worksheets for download, articles on how to live with authentic intention, and even therapy resources.

Laura, the creator of Ivory and Pine, is a licensed mental health therapist currently writing a Therapy 101 series. Check out the website and get ready to boost your mood!

8. Want for Wellness

wellness blog, health and wellness, mental health,

Want for Wellness is a lifestyle blog that writes about happiness, self-care, healthy inspiration, and mental health. The down-to-earth vibes on the website show in the well-written articles. You can find just about anything lifestyle-related on the site!

Check out a few mood-boosting articles by Want for Wellness:

- Feeling Insecure? 5 Tips To Help You Feel Better

- A New Start With Self-Care

9. Uncover Your Joy

How to stop feeling overwhelmed and alone, uncover your joy

Uncover Your Joy is a site that is guaranteed to boost your mood if you struggle with past abuse, trauma, or PTSD. Arien, the site owner, is a positive and optimistic writer, committed to helping others release their past pain and uncover true joy.

Arien offers free coaching calls you can book through the website. The calls are meant to help others through personal coaching and individualized approaches. Check out the latest article from Uncover Your Joy, How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Alone.

10. The Daily Positive

The daily positive, self-improvement website, happiness blog, self-help blog

A personal growth website, The Daily Positive, helps the world in more ways than one! The Daily Positive helps people, animals, and the environment, while encouraging positive growth and healthy development. They give back to charities and create awareness around world issues, as well as helping people with self-improvement.

The Daily Positive offers free and premium resources, including self-improvement classes, videos, and articles. Check out The Daily Positive to boost your mood quick!

11. Resilient App

Resilient app, mental health resources, self-care websites, best happiness websites

Resilient App is another awesome website to visit when you need a little mood-boosting. This site offers so many resources, it might make your head spin! Choose from any of their resources to utilize, or read through their Happiness articles.

30 Day Negativity Detox

12. Survival is a Talent

survival is a talent, mental health blog, best mental health bloggers

This mental health website offers support and encouragement for those suffering from mental illness. The website is targeted to help those with more stigmatized diseases, such as schizophrenia. August, the creator, has started a monthly program where users submit their mental health stories and share them with the world.

You can share your story, or read others', at Survival is a Talent. The site gives tons of support to those struggling with mental illness, and can definitely boost your mood!

13. A Serene Pursuit

A serene pursuit, positive living, healthy living, mental health bloggers

A Serene Pursuit is the last, but definitely not least, of the mood-boosting websites featured on Rose-Minded! This site reminds me of Ivory and Pine, because of its commitment to intentional living, self-care, and all-around wellness.

On A Serene Pursuit, you can find tips and tricks for improving any aspect of your life: mind, body, & soul. The site offers healthy living tips and other forms of positive living guides that will make your mood skyrocket!

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