Sep 29, 2017

Practicing Unique Self-Care

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  • Just a cool post I found on Insta and thought I’d share✨ Insta:
  • Happy Tuesday Rose-Minded members, I hope you all are having a productive week! I wanted to bring up the ever-important topic of self-care. This week I've felt my self-care is seriously in the gutter... like it's job is to be there instead of in my daily life lol. In order to inspire myself and any other members- share the ways you are practicing self-care this week! Leave a comment or request to become a moderator in the forum and post your own articles/forum posts. When you sign up as a member of Rose-Minded, you can communicate with other members, myself, and even submit your own blog posts to be published on the site. Again, let us know in the comments what your self-care routine is! Read through others' and get a little mid-week inspiration for your own self-care routines. Have a good week!
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