Aug 31, 2018

Calamine Lotion for Dermatillomania


Hi everyone! My name is Kay and I'm the main writer at I've openly talked about my struggles with Dermatillomania, the skin-picking disorder (SPD) on the site and will continue to share my journey on the Community Support Forum.

Currently I'm starting a new treatment regimen and want to share my journey on the site as I experience it. Eventually, I'm hoping to find a treatment plan that works, stick to it, and then help others stick to a treatment plan as well.

Soon I will be starting a free 30-day skin-picking challenge for those interested! If you're wondering why the title says Calamine lotion, it's because the challenge (and my current personal challenge) involves calamine lotion. I'm doing the research and testing the treatment plans to find the most effective options available, and I hope you guys will share your journeys along the way too!

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